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Food Chemistry vocab

Food Chemistry Vocabulary words

calcium an element necessary for building strong bones
calorie a unit of heat; a measure of the energy in food
carbohydrates a group of nutrients that provide energy; sugars and starches
chemistry the branch of science that deals with the structure and properties of matter
cholesterol a waxy substance found in human tissues
contamination the mixing of unwanted materials in an experiment
dance to shake your butt!!!!
deficiency lack of a needed amount
diabetes a disease in which the body cannot process sugar efficiently, ew!!!!!!!
fats a group of nutrients that provide energy and building blocks for development of some body systems
food provides us with important chemicals called nutrients, yummy!!!!
food label a panel of nutritional information found on food packaging
food pyramid a visual representation of U.S.D.A. recommendations for healthy food choices
fructose a sugar found naturally in fruits
glucose a sugar found in fruits and vegetables; the sugar is broken down to yield energy in your cells
insulin a protein hormone that enables the body to use sugar
gobble to eat like a pig!!!!
lactose a sugar found in milk
minerals substances that work with vitamins, necessary for growth and development. Minerals come from soil. People get them by eating plants or by eating animals that eat plants.
nutrient a chemical found in food that helps keep an organism alive and active
nutrition the science or study of proper balanced diets to promote health, especially in humans
obesity the condition of having an excess amount of body fat
proteins a group of nutrients that provide energy and building blocks for growth and repair of body tissues; found in meats and vegetables
shout to scream loudly like an animal!!!!
sodium a soft, silvery, metallic element necessary for human nutrition; table salt contains sodium
starch a complex carbohydrate made up of a chain of simple sugars, which give us energy
stink to smell like garbage!!!!
sucrose a sugar found in sugar beets and sugar cane
sugar a simple carbohydrate that tastes sweet and provides quick energy
vitamins natural substances that are needed in small quantities to help the body work properly and stay healthy; come from the foods people eat
Bigfoot a legendary big and hairy beast man that exists people, EXISTS!!!! hey, where would Bigfoot ever be found?!
Bigfeet feet that are big & stinky!!!!
Created by: leblanc samuel