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Misc questions for test

Name 5 types of parenteral Administrations IM, IV, Subcutaneous injection, ID, IA (intra-arterial injection
name 5 types of administration of medications for local effect Appl to skin, application to mucus membranes (suppositories, enemas, intranasal, Opthalmic and Ear preparations)
name 4 types of administrations for systemic effects Parenteral, Oral, sub-lingual and inhaled
Applying medicine under the tongue sublingual
Swallowing of a pill, tablet, or capsule Oral Administration
Nebulizer or inhaler example of inhaled administration
ID, Subcutaneous, IM, IV, IA Types of parenteral administration
pharmaceuticals in pressurized container Aerosols
Powdered drugs within a gelatin container Capsules
Solutions containing water, sugar and alcohol, may or may not have meds, flavorings Elixirs
suspensions of fat globules in water, with an emulsifiers Emulsions
Alcoholic liquid extracts of a drug made by percolation, 1 ml = 1 gm of drug Fluid extracts
aqueous suspensions of insoluable drugs in hydrated form Gels
mixture of drugs, with soap, oil water or alcohol Liniments
Layered tablet or pellets of varying sizes in a capsule Long-acting or Sustained-release dosage forms
Aqueous preparations containing suspended materials for soothing, local application lotions
Mixture of drugs with fatty base for external application Ointments
single dose quantity of drug or mix of drugs in powder form in paper powders
single dose quantity of drug w/a liquid and rolled into a shape , round or oval pills
aqueous liquids containing 1 or more substances disolved. Solute, solvent Solutions
alcoholic solutions of volatile substances, examples: camphor spirit, peppermint essence Spirits
Mix of drugs w/ a firm base, butter, which is molded into a shape for insertion in body suppositories
Aqueous solutions of a sugar, ipecac, or simple syrup Syrups
single dose, made by compressing powdered drugs into a mold tablets (sublingual, enteric coated for release in intestines)
alcoholic or hydroalcoholic solutions prepared from drugs, iodine tinctures
flat, round or rectangular preparations that are held in mouth to disolve troches or lozengers
saturated solutions of volatile oils waters (peppermint water, camphor water
Created by: astahlstudy