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A Separate Peace

vocab on the novel A Separate Peace

amiable friendly
bantam small
blitzkrieg German for "lightning war"
calisthenics exercises
capacious large quantity
catapult plane or missile launcher
compliance conformity
consternation shocked dismay
chronic long lasting
cupola dome-shape roof
deign doing something in a haughty manner
delectable delicious
delirious irrational crude illness
detonation explosion
douse extinguish immersed in liquid
droll oddly amusing
eccentric unconventional/different
eloquence notable speaking ability
emissary representative
emphatic with emphasis
encroach trespass
erratic inconsistent
exaltation feeling of extreme happiness
exhort urge to do something
expulsion dismissal from a place or membership
fanfare showy display
fey supernatural
forlorn lonely and miserable
galvanize stimulate someone to act
genial kind
grovel to beg
inanimate dull/dead
indignation anger at unfairness
inebriate to make intoxicated
infinitesimal too small to be measured
idiosyncratic quirky
interval intervening period of time
insidious gradual and harmful
insinuate to imply something
intimidate persuade or dissuade by frighten
intoxicant something that causes drunkenness
inveigle entice
irate very angry
irresolute incapable of deciding
ludicrous absurdly ridiculous
maim to wound or disable
matriarchal referring to the female head of a family
mote particle
nonentity insignificant person
notion idea
preserve make sure something lasts
prow ship's bow
ramshackle badly built
reverberate echo
reverie daydream
salient projecting
sedate unhurried
sinecure paid job requiring little work
smirk smile smugly
solace relief from emotional distress
sultry hot and damp
specter ghost
throng crowd
transfix to make immobile by shock
treachery betrayal
trudge walk wearily
veer to change directions suddenly
venerable worthy of respect
Created by: baileylover108