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Cuentame Mas Cap 5

Cuentame Mas Capitulo 5

the frog la rana
the solution la solución
the llama la llama
the night la noche
the bag la bolsa
the water el agua
the honey la miel
the fan (admirer) el fanático
he/she can't eat no puede comer
he/she can't sleep no puede dormir
he/she can't sing no puede cantar
he/she can hear puede oír
it doesn't work; it's no good no sirve
he/she has the hiccups tiene hipo
he/she holds the breath contiene la respiración
he/she/it doesn't fit no cabe
he/she tries to eat trata de comer
he/she tries to sleep trata de dormir
he/she faints se desmaya
he/she falls backwards se cae para atrás
he/she sits se sienta
he/she stands on the head se pone patas arriba
he/she breaks into pieces parte en pedazos
he/she drinks bebe
he/she is fed up está agotado
he/she is desperate está desesperado(a)
he/she doesn't stop talking no deja de hablar
he/she needs advice necesita un consejo
he/she follows the advice sigue el consejo
he/she demands; requires exige
Give it to me! ¡Dámelo!
he/she refuses to give it to him/her se niega a dárselo
he/she is mischievous es travieso(a)
still todavía
Peruvian peruano(a)
Guatemalan guatemalteco(a)
Mexican mexicano(a)
What a bother! ¡Qué molestia!
the problem el problema
Created by: clement