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Reading Comp Voc I

Reading Comp Vocabulary 5th Grade

abandoned deserted; no longer used
abdomen belly
accessible easily approached or entered
affectionately with love
afloat floating in or on water
aggressive fierce or threatening
amateur unpaid; not professional
analyze to study something closely
antidote something that stops a poison from working
anxious worried; nervous
apprentice someone who learns a craft by working with a skilled person
arc a curved line
astounded very surprised
bacteria very tiny living things that exist all around and inside animals
balmy pleasant and mild
brittle easily snapped or broken
bunt to bat a baseball lightly so that it goes only a short distance
campsite a place to set up tents and equipment for camping
cantaloupe a melon with a rough skin and sweet, juicy, orange fruit
castanets a pair of wooden instruments held in the hand and clicked together
chambers large rooms
comb to search a place thoroughly
companion someone that you spend time with; a friend
compete try hard to outdo others at a task
complex difficult to understand
complicate make difficult
consistent holding together; agreeing with each other
controversy a lot of disagreement
crests the top of waves; hills, or heads of birds
descent movement from a higher place to a lower one
determination the quality of not giving up
developed treated photographic film with chemicals to make the pictures visible; grow and progress
digest break down food so that it can be used by the body
disabled having an injury, illness, or other rcondition that makes it difficult to do things
disturbances events that upset the usual order of things
dormant not active
doubtful full of doubt; uncertain
eccentric odd, strange
effective working very well
elaborate detailed and complicated
enthusiastic full of interest; excited
era a perid of time in history
evidence information, objects, or facts that help prove something is true
exasperated annoyed
excelled did extremely well
expectantly with expectation; waiting for something to happen
expression the look on someones face
extraordinary very unusual; remarkable
fatal causing death
fragile delicate; easily broken
gauze a very thin cloth used as a bandage
generous large; great
grueling very demanding and tiring
gruesome horrible
hamper make it difficult to do something
hibernate go into a sleeplike state for a period of time
hoax a trick
horizon line where the sky and ground seem to meet
hostile unfriendly
ingredients items that are needed to make something
inhabitants people who live in a certain place
investigate find out more about something
landscape large area of land that you can view from one place
magnificent very impressive and beautiful
massive having great size or weight
meteorites chunks of metal or stone that fall to Earth from outer space
microscopic too small to be seen without a microscope
minimize to make very small
miniscule tiny
miraculous wonderful; amazing
mobile able to move
mouthwatering delicious; appeaing to the taste
muscular having strong muscles
native a person, animal, or plant from a certain place
nudging giving someone a small push
obstacle something tha prevents one from doing something
ominous scary, threatening
ovation a round of applause and cheering
painstaking careful and through
participate to take part in an activity or event
penetrate goes through something
petroglyphs rock carvings
phenomenon an unusual fact or event
pinnacle the brightest point
progressively steadily
protruded stuck out
racket a very loud noise
recovered find something or get back something lost
reliable can be depended on
remembrance an object or activity that makes people remember something
reverberated echoed loudly
satchel bag carried over shoulder
scouring cleaning by rubbing hard
secretive having to do with vibrations from the earth
seismic having to do with vibrations from the earth
slogan a phrase used by a group to express its goal or belief
solar from the sun
solitary alone; single
spectacular remarkable, amazing
spelunking hobby of exploring caves
spewed flew out with force
stalactites thin pieces of rock that hand down from roof of cave
stalagmites thin pieces of rock that stick up from floor of cave
standstill a complete stop
sulfur natural element that burms and produces a foul smell
symptoms signs or results of disease
technique way of doing something
territory large area of land
treacherous dangerous
troughs narrow low spaces between waves
trudged walked with effort
tsunami powerful wave of water caused by underwater event
tundra cold area in which there are no trees and ground is frozen
unique one of a kind
variations differences
venomous poisonous
vital necessary to life
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