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dex final 2nd semest


At sea level, if the area of a surface increases, the pressure of the atmosphere on the surface stays the same
Pressure is equal to force divided by area
The SI unit of pressure is the pascal
According to Pascals principle any change on a confine fluid is transmitted unchanged throughout the fluid
The buoyant force exerted on an object immersed in a fluid is equal to the weight of the displaced fluid
According to Bernoulli’s principle as the velocity of a fluid increases the pressure exerted by the fluid decreases
As heat is applied to a sample of liquid water at 1 degree Celsius the volume of the water decreases
A crystal lattice is a characteristic of many solids
An object that is deformed by a force and returns to its original form when the force is removed is exhibiting the property of elasticity
The_______state is the state of matter in which electrons have been torn away from the atoms plasma
The___________forces within a liquid account for surface tension cohesive
increasing the amplitude of a wave _________the rate of energy transfer increases
Frequency is________related to period inversely
Wavelength is measure in meters
Wave speed equals________times wavelength frequency
The________is a line at a right angle to the barrier normal
A __________wave vibrates in a direction perpendicular tp the direction of wave models transverse
Which of the following usually transmits energy without transferring matter? wave
The time interval during which wave motion repeats is the period
The number of vibrations per second is the frequency
The speed of any mechanical wave depends on the medium through which it travels
Which of the following may be produced during destructive interference of waves a node
The change in wave direction at the boundary of two different media refraction
The spreading of waves around the edge of a barrier is diffraction
For an open-pipe resonator a column of length _______will resonate with a tuning fork 1/2
The frequency of a beat is the _________of the frequencies of the two waves that produce it difference
Echoes demonstrate which behavior of sound waves reflection
Sound is an example of what kind of wave longitudinal
An an approaching ambulance passes an unmoving observer, what happens to the apparent pitch of the sound emitted by the ambulance siren, as heard by the observer? it decreases
A detected apparent change in the pitch caused by the motion of a sound source or of an observer is called the Doppler shift
The pitch of a sound depends most directly upon the sound’s frequency
If two notes have a frequency ratio of 1:2, the notes differ by a octave
What kind of wave is light? electromagnetic
Which of the following characteristics of light has a defined value speed in a vacuum
The rate, in lumens, at which light is emitted from a lightbulb is the bulb’s luminous flux
Illumination under a small light source is proportional to 1/r^2
Very thin whit tissue paper can best be described as translucent
Materials that do not allow any transmission of light are described as opaque
What kind of process is the mixing of primary colors of light to produce other colors additive
The clear-edged quality of the shadow that results when you put your hand into the path of light from a flashlight illustrates that light travels in a _________ line straight
A primary pigment reflects _____primary colors from white light two
The spectrum of colors produced by an oil film on water is due to the __________by a_______ reflection/interference
The waves that cannot pass through a polarizing filter are those that are vibrating_______to the polarizing axis perpendicular
From which service would light rays undergo regular reflection a telescope mirror
Refraction occurs when light travels through two mediums that have optical densities
When light rays travel from one medium into a less optically dense medium the rays speed up
The index of refraction of the transparent mineral beryl is approximately 1.6. Transparent quartz has an index of 1.54. Diamond has an index of 2.42. Based on these facts, which statement is true? Beryl disperses light more than does quartz
The angle of incidence is always______the angle of reflection equal to
The higher the index of refraction is, the _________is the speed of light in the substance slower
For most practical purposes, the index of refraction of the air can be considered equal to 1.00
A vacuum has an index of refraction that is _______than that of any substance smaller
In a glass prism, the index of refraction for red light is ______that than for violet light smaller
What aberration can be reduced by joining together a converging lens and a diverging lens? chromatic
Concave lenses have________focal lengths negative
Rays parallel to the principal axis of a ________mirror converge at the focal point concave
What is equal to the size of the image divided by the size of the object magnification
The focal length of a spherical mirror equals half the radius of curvature
When a real image is formed light rays converge at the image
If an object is between a concave mirror and its focal point, the image will be virtual and larger than the object
The image formed of an object located more than twice the focal length from a convex lens is real and smaller than the object
Diffractions is_______for sound waves than for light waves more obvious
For a ________experiment, the wavelength equals wavelength(d)/L wavelength equals (x)(d)/L
The destructive and constructive interference of light that passes through two closely spaced slits produced interference fringes
The bending of waves around the edge of barriers is called diffraction
The paths of light waves that come from two slits and that interfere to form first-order lines differ in length by the wavelength of the light
When light passes through a single slit, which of the following appears? a bright central band, with dimmer bands to the sides
A pair of closely spaced stars can be seen as a single star because a telescope lens has limited resolving power
The effects of diffraction on the ability of telescopes to distinguish between closely spaced stars can be reduced by increasing the size of the lens
Bits of paper stick to a plastic comb that has been rubbed because of electric charge
Charges in _________cannot easily move around insulator
Touching an electroscope with a negatively charged rod is an example of charging by conduction
A charged object can attract a neutral object because the charged object induces a ___________in the neutral object separation of charge
When an electroscope is charged, its leaves spread apart because charges exert force on other charges over a distance
The forces that charge qA exerts on charge qB is opposite and ________the force that charge qB exerts on qA equal to
Electric force is a vector quantity because it has magnitude and direction
If an electroscope that is negatively charged is touched with a rod with a negative charge the leaves will spread father apart
An example of a separation of charge on neutral objects is lightning, a finger attracting charged tape, a comb picking up paper bits
With two________charges you must do work to pull one charge away from the other opposite
In a ___________the potential difference between two points if ound using the equation deltaV equals Ed uniform electric field
Touching an object to Earth to eliminate excess charge is grounding
The charges on a hollow conductor are found on the _______surface outer
A ________is made up of two conductors separated by an insulator capacitor
An electric field is equal to force per unit charge
The force on a test charge in an electric field is directly proportional to the magnitude of the field
The strength of the force on a charge in an electric field depends on both the magnitude of the field and the size of the charge
As an electric field becomes stronger, the field lines should be drawn closer together
A good device is to indicate electric field lines is a Van de Graff machine
A charge pump creates a flow of charges particles or electric current
A closed loop through which charges can flow is an electric circuit
When a water wheel drives a generator, the generator converts the_______________of the water to electric energy kinetic energy
The rate at which energy is transferred is power
The unit that is used to measure the rate of flow of electric current is an ampere
The ____________of a conductor can be determined if potential difference and current are known resistance
A device that has constant resistance and appears to be independent of the __________is said to obey Ohm’s law potential difference
The current flowing in an electric current can be increased by increasing voltage or decreasing resistance
A device that measures the amount of current in a circuit is a ammeter
Space heaters convert most of the electric energy in a circuit into_______energy thermal
Electricity is carried long distances at high voltages because this reduces the current and less power is lost as thermal energy
Utility companies measure energy used in kilowatt-hours
To measure the___________through a resistor an ammeter should be connected in series with the resistor current
The equivalent resistance of a parallel circuit is always______________the resistance of any resistor in the circuit less than
A _________should have a very low resistance so that it causes the largest possible changes in currents and voltages in the circuit ammeter
To measure the ________across a resistor, connect a voltmeter in parallel with the resistor voltage drop
If four electric devices are connected in a series circuit then the number of current paths is equal to one
A series circuit contains a generator, an ammeter, and a lamp. The current in the lamp is equal to the current in the generator and equal to the current in the ammeter
A series circuit contains four resistors. What is the equivalent resistance of the circuit R1+R2+R3+R4
A series circuit has a 120-V generator but requires a 60-V potential source. To achieve the desired potential, a_________can be used voltage divider
If three resistors are connected in parallel, there are _____________current paths in the circuit three
In an electric circuit,____________are switches that act as safety devices fuses and circuit breakers
The_________of the magnetic force on a current-carrying wire depends on the strength of the magnetic field, the current in the wire, and the length of wire in the magnetic field magnitude
When two parallel wires carry currents in opposite directions, their magnetic fields___________each other repel
A device used to measure very small electric currents is an galvanometer
In an electric motor, current is reversed every_______turn half
The speed of an electric motor can be controlled by_________the current flow varying
An object that is magnetic has a north-seeking pole and a south-seeking pole
The magnitude of current in a wire is __________to the magnetic field around the wire proportional
Increasing the number of loops in an electromagnet causes the strength of the magnetic field to increase
In a magnetic material, the_______act like tiny electromagnets electrons
The magnetic force on a current-carrying wire in a magnetic field is_____________the direction of the current perpendicular to
An electric current is generated in a wire when the wire is moved so that it _________magnetic field lines cuts across
Current can be made to flow in a stationary wire by moving a magnetic field_______to the wire perpendicular
The electromotive force depends only on magnetic field strength, the length of the wire in the magnetic field, and the _______of the wire in the magnetic field velocity
An electric generator converts mechanical energy to _______energy electrical
An electric motor is almost identical in construction to an electric generator, but the motor converts electrical energy to____________energy mechanical
According to Lenz’s law, the direction of induced current is such that the magnetic field resulting from induced current__________the change in field that caused the current opposes
If a generator produces only a small current, then the opposing force on the armature will be small and the armature will be ______to turn easy
When a motor is first turned on, a __________current flows because of the low resistance of the motor large
If the N-pole of a magnet is moved toward the right end of a coil wire, the right end of the coil becomes an N-pole and_______the magnet repels
When a piece of metal is moved through a magnetic field, __________are generated in the metal eddy currents
In a ______________transformer, the primary voltage is greater than the secondary voltage step-down
In a wire coild, the faster the current changes, the _________the opposing EMF larger
When does self-inductance become a factor? a coiled wire passing through a changing magnetic field
Describe the relationship between the amplitude of a wave and the energy that is transferred by the wave doubling the amplitude takes 4 times the energy
How do molecules in air allow a distant listener to hear a trumpet? Air is a good conductor of sound, the trumpets sends vibrations through the air and moves molecules
What is the appearance of a red dress in a closed room illuminated only by green light? black, because the dress absorbs athe green light, and doesn’t reflect any colors
Explain the difference between regular and diffuse reflection reg reflection happens on a smooth surface and parallel rays reflect the same, Diffuse reflection is when the rays are sent in different directions because of an uneven surface
Explain why electric potential energy is larger when 2 like charges are closer than two unlike with 2 like charges the force of repulsion is stronger
If a high-voltage wire falls on a car, will the people inside be safe from electrocution Yes the electricity would run through the metal frame of the car, then to the eart, the people are surrounded by insulators
How is it possible to use more than one electric appliance at one time in a house the house is wired in parallel so every appliance gets the same voltage at low resistance
Why does turning on additional appliances on the same circuit breaker increase the current? more appliances in use reduce the total resistance because they are wired in parallel, As resistance decreases, current increases.
If all electrons create magnetic fields, why aren’t all materials magnets? magnetic material has electrons moving in an orderly pattern, most materials have electrons that are random
An electric wire carries current in a straight line from east to west What is the direction of the field above and below the wire? above-into the page, below-out of the page
Compare operation of an electric motor with a generator they are opposites, a generator turns mechanical energy into electric energy and a motor turns electric into mechanical
What happens to primary voltage when the number of turns on the secondary transformer coil is doubled? ?????
Created by: rangerlove13
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