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history exam I

in 1622, the native america tribes of VA... attacked the English settlements
in 1624, VA became.. a royal colony
the colony of NJ's main liability was.. lack of a good harbor
The most important institution of local govt in colonial VA was the... county court
To resolve the problem of the vast expenses New World settlement req'd, English merchant-capitalists introduced the concept of... joint-stock company
Which colony were religous reasons least important in explaining its founding? VA
King Charles I disbanded Parliament in 1629 bc he couldnt deal with intense critisism from which religous grp? Puritans
A feudal land system was associated with which colony? MD
Large numbers of the 1st English settlers in the carolinas came from... barbados
unlike their southern counterparts, the first enlishmen who established colonies in New england were... religous refugees
Lord Baltimore's settlement in MD... never succeeded in becoming a feudal society
William Penn guaranteed the commercial success of Philadelphia by purchasing... Delaware
In massachusetts bay, "freeman status" was granted to adult men who... were church members
puritan dissenter roger williams established the colony of Rhode Island
The individual largely responsible for MD's settlement was Sir George Calvert
Jamestown's prosperity was ensured by.. tobacco cultivation
What were the factors that stimulated english migration to the new world? desire for land ownershiprapid population growththe fear of falling into povertyreligous disagreements in England
17th century quakers were know for their... belief in personal humility and pacifism
The 1st capital of colonial MD was... St. Mary's city
What state was called the city on a hill? Mass
the attitude of king james I toward tobacco... showed that he valued revenue more than good health
The english takeover of New Netherland.. had little immediate effect on the colony
John Smith associates with which colony? VA
Roger williams associates with which colony? RI
Sir George Carteret; colony? NJ
John Winthrop ; colony? Mass
the central figure of the glorious revolution in NY was... Jacob Leisler
The Glorious Revolution was influenced by... pent-up antipropriety and anti-catholic sentiment
the armed conflict which pitted native americans against New Englanders in 1675 was led by... Metacomet(King Philip)
the half-way covenant of 17th century New England did what? lessened the requirements for baptism as congregationalist
18th century population of the lowlands of SC was what percent black? 60%
by 1700, the population of New england had reached.. 120,000
After Bacon died of fever, the rebellion... collapsed
The most important reason for the difference between the New England and Chesapeake colonies was based on... the much higher mortality rate of the chesapeake colonies
The navigation acts established the principle that... -only english or colonial merchants would engage in colonial trade-colonial goods sold in england had to be sent in english vessels-certain amer. products could be sold only in England
the sources of the witchcraft hysteria in salem.. are a subject of debate among historians
from 1686-1689, the royal govnr of the dominion of new england was who? edmund andros
factors which retarded population growth in 17th century VA and MD were... -short life expectancies -many young women had to delay marriage til terms of service were complete-gender ratio was unbalanced-high infant mortality
end of the 17th century, VA could be best described as... a plantation society, dominated by slaveholding aristocracy
the most serious slave rebellion of the colonial period was... the Stono Uprising
from 1696 on, who monitored colonial affairs closely? Board of Trade
Sumptuary laws did what? prohibited anyone not wealthy from wearing fine clothes
the 1st institution of higher learning founded in Englands mainland colonies was... Harvard
people from which colonial region tended to be the flagrant violators of the navigation act? New England
British authorities based their colonial commercial polivies on the theory of... mercantilism
In New England, women... outnumbered men in church by 2:1
the society created by puritans in new england... copied the social order they had left behind in England
by the late 1600s, the gap between rich and poor in white chesapeake society... steadily widened
Of all rebellions in the 17th century, which was successful? Coode's rebellion
Disfranchisement of landless freemen by the VA house of burgesses in 1670, was a major cause of which rebellion? Bacon's rebellion
the Staple Act of 1663 state that... nothing could be imported to America unless 1st shipped through England
The leader of the anti-catholic, antiproprietary rebellion in MD in 1689 was... John Coode
Gullah, a creole language, was spoken by the sea islands of SC and GA until... the end of the 19th century
Created by: abriscoe1