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History exam 4?

Under the Articles of Confederation, what were the criticisms if American gov't? its single legislatuve body gave some states an unfair advantage/it didnt deal w/ the nations economic problems/
The leading Af. Amer. scientist & mathematician in early America was Benjamin Banneker
the most obvious contradiction to the principles expressed in the following of the American republic was... the continued existence of slavery in much of the nation
The most brilliant American political theorist of the post-revolutionary period was... James Madison
The Constitution was ratified... by close votes in the major states
An important procedural decision approved at the opening of the constitutional convention... the decision to keep deliberations as secret as possible
The proposed new constitution of 1787 called for the election of a president by... an electoral college
The Const. Convention formed a new gov't under who's intellectual guidance? James Madison
What resulted from the American Revolution? the continued uneven wealth distribution/reductions in the min. property requirement for voting/disestablishment of the Anglican church in several southern states/end of primogeniture
Who was considered the most important political figure of the Confederation period? Robert Morris
the law permitting a man to pass on his entire estate to his eldest son was known as.. primogeniture
An important fact about the Americans who wrote the first state constitutions was that they demanded written documents
Even before achieving statehood, what state prohibited slavery in its constitution? Vermont
During confederation pd, nationalists were people who... called for major constitutional reforms that would strengthen the national gov't
how many states didnt have to draft new constitutions, since they already had republican govts as part of their colonial charters? 2
Who was the author of the original proposal for the Bill of Rights? James Madison
The Newburgh Conspiracy involved.. discontented officers of the Continental Army
The Whiskey Rebellion took place in.. PA
why did the sedition act distress many americans? it threatened their political rights
in election of 1800, Thomas Jefferson almost lost to ... Aaron Burr
When war broke out in Europe, Washington... steered a path of neutrality for the nation.
Alexander Hamilton failed to acheive his economic policy objectives in his attempt to secure... passage of a protective tariff
Working begind the scenes to inform the British of John Jay's intentions in treaty negotiations was... Alexander Hamilton
jeffersonians fear of strong financial institutions was based on... their belief that they were the root of corruption in the British govt
Members of the Federalist Party... supported a strong nat'l gov't
The election of 1796 was complivated by... behind-the-scene manipulations by Alexander Hamilton
According to the Kentucky Resolutions... states had the right to nullify federal law under certain circumstances
Washington believed that the Whiskey Rebellion... presented a direct threat to the nation
The Genet affair involved... France's use of american shios as privateers, in violation of the US' pledge of neutrality
The greatest challenge facing the 1st Washington administration was... financial
According to the first census, the population of the US in 1790 was approximately.. 3.9 mil
What were Hamiltonian ideas? the new central govt would survive if the wealthy supported it/the govt should try to foster commercial&industrial development/development of cities was key to national success/natl bank was necessary for econ. health
The bank of the united states was based on the doctrine of... implied powers
in the election of 1800... John Adams refused to attend jeffersons inauguration/the election led to changes in the pres. electoral process/A.Hamilton intrigued to keep his own partys candidate frm winning/the Federalist Party was hopelessly split
Hamilton's "report on the public credit" recommended... that federal govt assume remaining state debts
During Washington's 2nd term in office... foreign affair became a much more important focus
By the end of washington's first term of office... political squabbling had divided the govt
In the Virginia and Kentucky Resolution, Jefferson and Madison called for a restoration of... states' right
For many Americans, George Washington was... a symbol of the new govt
Thomas Jefferson felt it was important that the new government lean toward France in the event it clashed with Britain
In 1798, the Federalist sponsored a military build with the intention of... suppressing internal political dissent
Which of the following was responsible for changing the nation's political life? political clubs & newspapers
Jay's Treaty succeeded in.. getting British troops to withdraw from the northwest forts
Washington's Farewell Address... advised against permanent alliances with nations that werent interested in promoting american security
Federalists were very enthusiastic about capitalism but didnt... trust the people or local govt to make good decisions about financial matters
Which treaty gave the Us access to the MIssissippi Rinver and New Orleans for trade? Pickney's Treaty
What did Hamilton have in common with Jefferson? faith in a republic society
In the early 1790s british actions toward the US indicated.. disdain for american rights
who were members of G.Washington's first cabinet? Thomas Jefferson, Edmund Randolph, Henry Knox, Alexander Hamilton
the emergence of political parties in the 1790s had. both good and bad consequences for the nation at that time.
Created by: abriscoe1