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BAC Chapter 5

WHS BAC Chapter 5 Buying and Maintaing a Car vocab

base price first amount listed on a car's price
options extra items added to a car
transportation / handling a delivery fee charged to the buyer of a car
depreciate to decrease in value
deferred price the total amount paid, including interest on monthly payments
liable forced by law to make good for damages done
liability insurance a policy that pays for damages in an accident
premium amount paid for insurance
odometer measuring device that counts the miles a car travels
gas mileage the average number of miles a car will travel on a gallon of gas
EPA rating estimate of how far a car can travel on one gallon of gas
range how far a car can travel on a given number of gallons of gas
miles per hour (mph) a customary measurement of speed
parts and labor customer is charged for items to make a repair and the mechanic's time
rebuilt describing items that have been reconstructed or extensively repaired
Created by: cawhite