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L2M3.1 IR Vocabulary

el año escolar school year
el día escolar school day
comienza it, he, she begins
empieza it, he, she begins
principos beginning
asisten they attend
meses months
las materias school subjects
recesos recess, break
participan they participate
disfrutan they enjoy
ayudan they help
mejoran they improve, make better
permiten they permit, allow
sus pasiones their passions
altamente respetados highly respected
el éxito success
enseñar to teach, to show
relaciones cercanas close relationships
guiar to guide
el aire libre outdoors, fresh air
son they are
conocidos known
papel role (in the reading)
habilidades skills
incluyen they include
tienen they have
juntas meetings
los alumnos the students
las habilidades skills
preescolar preschool
nviel level
fácil easy
dificil difficult
uniforme uniform
exigente demanding
primaria lower grade school
secundaria secondary school (could be lower high school)
divide en divided in
obligatorio required
el colegio school
Created by: user-1564273
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