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ASVAB Word Knowledge

Common Root Words, Preffixes, Suffixes

Act do = transact, activate
Aero air = aerobics, aerospace
Ambu walk = ambulatory, perambulate
ann, enn year = annual, perennial
anthrop human = anthropology, philanthropy
aster star = asterisk, astrology
audi hear = audible, auditorium
bibli book = bibliography, bibliophile
bio life = biosphere, biography
brev short = brevity, abbreviate
capit head = decapitate, capital, captain
card, cord, cour heart = cardiology, discord, courage
carn flesh = carnivorous, carnage
cede go = recede, precede
cent hundred, hundredth = centipede, centimeter
chron time = chronology, synchronize
cide killing = suicide, homicide
cis cut = precise, scissors
claim, clam shout, cry out = exclaim, clamorous
cogn know = cognition, recognize
cracy, crat rule = autocratic, democracy, bureaucrat
culp blame = culpable, exculpate
dem people = democracy, demographics
dic, dict speak = dictionary, predict
dorm sleep = dormant, dormitory
fer carry = transfer, refer
fuge flee = refuge, centrifugal
geo earth = geography, geologic
graph to write = graphic, calligraphy
gram something written or recorded = telegram, cardiogram
jac, ject throw = ejaculate, trajectory
jur law = jury, jurisprudence
labor work = laboratory, collaborate
loc place = location, collocation
log discourse, speech = dialogue, travelogue
-logy expression, science = dermatology, phraseology
luc light = lucid, translucent
manu hand = manuscript, manufacture
mill thousand = millennium, millenarian
meter measure = barometer, metric
morph form = morphology, amorphous
mort die = mortuary, mortal
omni all = omnipresent, omnipotent
oper, op work = opera, operate
path feeling, suffering = empathy, pathetic
ped, pod foot = pedal, podiatry, pedicure
phil love = bibliophile, philanthropy
phob fear = claustrophobic, hydrophobic
phon sound = phonograph, stereophonic
photo light = photographic, photosynthesize
phys of nature = physical, physician
scrib write = scribble, transcribe
stro, stru build = destroy, construction
terr earth, land = extraterrestrial, territory
therm heat = thermometer, hypothermia
tor twist = torsion, contort
vac empty = evacuate, vacuous
verb word = proverb, verbose
vert, vers change = conversion, revert
vid, vis see = video, television, visual
vol, volv turn, roll = evolution, revolve
-able, -ible capable or worthy of = likable, possible
-ful full of = healthful, joyful
-fy, -ify to make or cause = purify, glorify
-ish like = impish, devilish
-ism act of, sate of = capitalism, socialism
-ist one who does = conformist, cyclist
-ize make into = formalize, legalize
-ment state of being = entertainment, amazement
-oid like or resembling = humanoid, trapezoid, planetoids
-ty, -ity state of being = purity, acidity
a-, an- without = amoral, anaerobic, antisocial
ante- before = antedate, antechamber
anti- against = antipollution, antipathy
auto- self = autobiography, autopilot
bene- good or well = beneficial, benediction
bi- two = bicycle, bipolar, bisexual
cen- hundred = century, centennial
circum- around = circumnavigate, circumvent, circumference
co-, com-, con- together, with = coauthor, complete, congregate
contra-, counter- against, oppisite = contradict, counterclockwise
de- away from, down, undoing = descend, deactivate, decompose
dis- not do, do the opposite = disagree, disarm, disengage
ex- out of, away from = exhale, expropriate
extra- beyond, outside of = extraordinary, extraterrestrial, extramural
hetero- different = heterogeneous, heterodox
homo- same = homogenized, homonym
hyper- above, excessive = hyperboloid, hyperactive, hypertension
il-, in-, ir- not = illegible, inaudible, irregular
inter- between = intercontinental, interject
intra- within = intramural, intranet
mal- bad, or ill = maladjusted, malevolent
micro- small = microbiology, microscope
milli- thousandth = millisecond, millimeter
mis- badly, wrongly = misbehave, misunderstood, misguided
mono- one = monosyllable, monorail
neo- new = neoclassical, neophyte
non- not = nonessential, nonconformist
paleo- old, ancient = paleontologist, paleontology
pan- all, all over = pandemic, panorama
poly- many = polygon, polynomial
post- after, behind = postpone, postnasal
pre- before = preview, premeditate, presumptuous
pro- forward, in favor of = promote, pro-labor
re- again, backward = rewrite, retract
retro- backward = retrofit, retroactive
semi- half = semiannual, semifinal
sub- under, below = submarine, sub-cabinet
super- above, over = supersede, supervise
sym- syn- together with, at the same time = sympathetic, synchronize
tele- from a distance = telecommute, telemetry, telephone, teleconference
trans- across = transcontinental, transatlantic, transmit
un- not = unannounced, unnoticed
uni- one = unicycle, unify
-logue, -log discourse = dialogue,
vert, verse change = revert, reverse
Created by: FlyDSky
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