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Span 2, all Unit 1 v

Spanish 2, all Unit 1 vocab combined

la rutina diaria the daily routine
despertarse (ie) to wake up
estirarse to stretch
levantarse to get up/stand up
quedarse to remain, to stay
ducharse to shower
bañarse to bathe oneself
secarse to dry oneself off
afeitarse to shave oneself
lavarse to wash
cepillarse to brush
peinarse to comb
mirarse to look at oneself
quitarse to take off
llamarse to call oneself
irse (de) to leave (from a place)
quejarse to complain
sentarse (ie) to sit down
sentirse (ie) to feel
acostarse (ue) to go to bed
dormirse (ue) to fall asleep
ponerse to put on
vestirse (i) to dress oneself/get dressed
romperse to break (a body part)
amar to love
besar to kiss
abrazar to hug
odiar to hate
derecho right
izquierdo left
ayudar to help
el niño the child
lleno full
guardar cama to stay in bed
tener éxito to have success
tener estrés to have stress
faltar to lack/be lacking
doler (ue) to give pain
enfadar to anger
enojar to anger
molestar to annoy/bother
el cuerpo humano the human body
los dientes the teeth
la garganta the throat
el estómago the stomach
la cabeza the head
la sonrisa the smile
la cara the face
la nariz the nose
la boca the mouth
la espalda the back
el codo the elbow
la barba the beard
el bigote the mustache
el brazo the arm
el dedo the finger
la rodilla the knee
la pierna the leg
el corazón the heart
el hueso the bone
la sangre the blood
la salud the health
saludable healthy
un catarro a cold
el síntoma the symptom
una fiebre a fever
una tos a cough
la gripe the flu
la enfermedad the sickness
una herida a wound/injury
el dolor the pain, ache
el examen físico the physical exam
la tensión arterial the blood pressure
la consulta the doctor's office
el/la médico/a, el/la doctor(a) the doctor
el/la enfermero/a the nurse
el/la paciente the patient
la farmacia the pharmacy
la receta the prescription, recipe
el medicamento, la medicina the medicine
una curita, una tirita a band
una pastilla a pill
resfriado(a)/s stuffed up
boca arriba face up
boca abajo face down
examinar to examine
cortar to cut
vender to sell
temprano early
tarde late
a tiempo on time
una cita an appointment/a date
estar listo to be ready
alegre happy
contento content
triste sad
deprimido depressed
enojado angry
enfadado mad
energético energetic
calmo calm
tranquilo calm
cansado tired
enfermo sick
emocionado excited
preocupado worried
ocupado busy
de buen humor in a good mood
de mal humor in a bad mood
Me pongo nervioso/a I get nervous...
la personalidad the personality
la energía the energy
la paciencia the patience
paciente/s patient
impaciente impatient
flexible flexible
torpe clumsy
ser listo to be smart
obstinado obstinate
terco stubborn
agradable pleasant, friendly, agreeable
bien educado polite, well
mal educado rude, ill
ayudar to help
Created by: Libertad patria
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