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Vocabulario 2CD

La broma/el chiste joke
El cariño affection
El chisme gossip
La cita/la cita a ciegas date/blind date
La confianza confidence//trust
El conflicto conflict
La culpa the blame/guilt
El consejo advice
El divorcio divorce
El malentendido misunderstanding
La mentira lie
La opinión opinion
La pelea fight
El problema problem
La resolución solution
El respeto respect
El secreto secret
Los sentimientos feelings
El/la tramposo/a cheater
La verdad truth
Abrazar to hug
Adorar to adore
Amar to love
Apoyar to support
Ayudar to help
Besar to kiss
Burlarse de to make fun of/mock
Casarse to marry/get married
Cambiar to change
Chismear to gossip
Cometer un error to make a mistake
Comprometerse to get engaged
Caquetear/flirtear to flirt
Decir (e-i) to say
Dejar de hablar a to stop talking to
Dejar plantado to stand (someone) up/no show
Disculparse to apologize
Divorciarse to get divorced
Engañar to cheat on/to deceive
Enamorarse (de) to fall in love with
Estar harto/a de to be sick of
Guardar los secretos to keep secrets
Gritar to yell/shout
Hacer caso to pay attention
Escuhar to listen to
Hacer las paces to make peace
Herir (e-ie) (e-i) to hurt/injure
Ignorar to ignore
Impresionar to impress
Insultar to insult
Invitar to invite
Llamar to call
Llorar to cry
Maltratar to mistreat
Mostrar (o-ue) to show
Molestar (like gustar) to bother/ignore
Odiar to hate
Ofender to offend
Oír to hear
Olvidarse to forget
Pedir perdón (e-i) to ask for forgiveness
Perdonar to forgive
Proponer to propose
Quejarse to complain
Rechazar to reject
Reconciliarse to make up
Resolver (o-ue) to resolve
Respetar to respect
Romper con to break up with
Separarse to separate
Sentirse (e-ie) to feel
Estás equivocado/a You are wrong
¡Esto es el colmo! That is the last straw!
¡Ya no aguanto más! I can't take any more!
¡Yo nu fui! It wasn't me!
Lo siento I'm sorry
Olvídante de él/ella Forget about him/her
Saludos Greetings
Sinceramente Sincerely
Un beso/besos A kiss/kisses
Un abraco/un fuerte abrazo A big hug
Con cariño Affectionately/with affection
Mil gracias Thanks so much/thanks a million
Created by: user-1779504
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