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Body Parts, Eng-Spa

Body Parts Vocabulary, English-Spanish

amniotic sac bolsa amniótica, f
aorta aorta, f
appendix apéndice, m
earlobe orecha, f
chin barbilla, f
diaphragm diafragma, m
jaw mandibula, f
forehead frente, m
hair vello, m
sole planta del pie, f
cartilage cartilago, m
uterus útero, m
cervix cuello uterino, m
palm palma de la mano, f
false teeth dentaduras postizas
head cabeza, f
throat garganta, f
chest pecho, m
liver hígado, m
tongue lengua, f
cervical canal canal cervical, m
collarbone, clavicle clavícula, f
joint articulación, f
knuckle nudillo, m
mustache bigote, m
mustache mustacho, m
knee rodilla, f
rectum recto, m
bone hueso, m
ankle tobillo, m
blood sangre, f
neck cuello, m
skin piel, f
hip cadera, f
cranium (skull without mandible) cráneo, m
skull (cranium and mandible) cráneo, m
kidney riñón, m
elbow codo, m
tonsil amígdala, f
spinal cord espina dorsal, f
bladder (urinary) vejiga, f
brain cerebro, m
nail uña, f
nerve nervio, m
foot pie, m
leg pierna, f
nose nariz, f
face cara, m
eyebrow ceja, f
eyelid párpado, m
eye ojo, m
big toe pulgar (del pie), m
thumb pulgar (de la mano), m
waist cintura, f
spinal column, spine, vertebral column, backbone, columna vertebral, f
arm brazo, m
lung pulmón, m
peritoneum peritoneo, m
armpit axila, f
forearm antebrazo, m
finger dedo, m
toe dedo del pie, m
umbilical cord cordón umbilical, m
bellybutton ombligo, m
navel ombligo, m
mouth boca, f
shoulder hombro, m
lip labio, m
anus ano, m
hand mano, f
tendon tendón, m
spleen bazo, m
pancreas páncreas, m
heart corazón, m
gut intestino, m
intestine intestino, m
muscle músculo, m
body cuerpo, m
artery arteria, f
torso torso, m
colon colon, m
torso, body, trunk caja de cuerpo, f
face cara, m
auricle aurícula, f
ear (outer, external part) oreja, f
ear (inner, the sense of hearing) oído, m
pinna oreja, f
mouth boca, f
ovary ovario, m
testicle testículo, m
testes testículo, m
ligament ligamento, m
hair cabello, m
hair pelo, m
beard barba, f
back espalda, f
impacted tooth diente impactado, m
stomach estómago, m
wrist muñeca, f
rib costilla, f
vein vena, f
gallbladder vesícula biliar, f
tooth, teeth diente, m
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