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MST SWE Round 1

Hazzard Class 1 Explosives
Hazzard class 2 Flammable gasses, Non-FlammableNon-Toxic Gasses, Poisonous Gasses
Hazzard class 3 Flamable liquid
Hazzard class 4 Flamable solid, May Spontaniously Combust, Dangerous When Wet
Hazzard class 5. Oxidizing Substance,Organic Peroxide
Hazzard class 6 (a.) Poisonous Substance(b.) Harmfull Substance
Hazzard class 7 Radioactive Substance
Hazzard class 8 Corrosive Substance
Hazzard class 9 Misc. Dangerous Goods
Pollution Phase I Discovery or Notification
Pollution Phase II Preliminary Assesment and Initiation of Action
Pollution Phase III Containment, Countermeasures, Cleanup, and Disposal
Pollution Phase IV Documentation and Cost Recovery
what is The Maximum weight of box of samples can be shipped? 66 LBS(30-kg)
What is the Size of a glass sample jar? 4-oz
No more than ___ jars should be packed in a single box. 8
One Barrel of Oil = 42 U.S. Gallons
For Oil Transfers, the emergency shutdown must stop the flow within how many seconds? 60 seconds on a facility that transfered before 01NOV1980. 30 Seconds for a facility that fist transfered after 01NOV1980
MARPOL annex V Regulations for the prevention of pollution by garbage. (international)
At what size (Gross Tonns) does a Freigt Vessel need an IOPP? 400GT
At What size does and Oil Tanker need an IOPP? 150GT
where is The hazardous materials table located? 49CFR172.101
Where is the General segregation Table for Hazardous Materials? 49CFR176.83(b)
33CFR Part 6, also known as "Super 6" covers what subject? Protection and security of vessels, harbours, and waterfront facilities.
Maritime Security regulations for Vessles can be found here. What is 33CFR104?
Maritime Security Regulations for facilities can be found here. What is 33CFR105?
How many days does a facility have to respond to a COTP written notice of inadequacies within the facility’s operations manual? 45 Days
How many days does the operator of a new facility have to submit an operations manual before a transfer can take place? 60 Days
Classification societies are evaluated on their previous performance over how many years? 3 years
How many points does an owner, operator, or managing operator of a vessel receive that is included on a current targeted owners list provided by G-MOC? 5 Points
How many points will a priority II vessel have on the matrix? 7 to 16
Which CFR cite requires that there be an appropriate number of translations of the operations manual when conducting a transfer? 33 CFR 154.300(a)(3)
Each operations manual will need to contain both the geographic location of the facility and _____. physical description of the facility
The operations manual must meet the requirements of _____. 33 CFR 154
Any facility operations manual that does not follow the format that is specified within _____ would need to contain a cross-referenced index page. 33 CFR 154.310(a)
If a facility is removed from caretaker status, they must submit 2 copies of their operations manual no less than _____ days before a transfer operation takes place. 30 Days
Which law requires the preparation and submission of a response plan by certain types of facilities? Oil Pollution Act of 1990
What part of 33 CFR 154 includes facility and response plan information, emergency response action plan information, training, and exercise information? 154.1035
New facilities must submit a response plan to the COTP not less than _____ days prior to the handling, storing, or transporting of oil. 60 Days
For facilities identified as "substantial harm," the validity period for the response plan begins the date _____. the plan is submitted to the COTP
When reviewing a response plan, the reviewer should look at the plan’s overall _____. effectiveness, workability, and organization
Response plans are written for the use of the _____. Facility owner/operator
Response plans can be valid for a period of up to _____ years. 5
Which volume of the Marine Safety Manual contains examples of a response plan approval letter? IX
The Port State Control Program is to identify and eliminate _____ foreign merchant ships from U.S. waters. substandard
Who develops and maintains the targeted owners list? G-MOC
Flag states are evaluated on their detention ratio for the previous _____ months. 12
Classification societies are evaluated on their performance over the previous _____ years. 3
If a vessel was subject to an operational control within the past 12 months, it will be given _____ point(s) on the targeting matrix. 1
If a vessel was subject to an intervention leading to detention within the past 12 months, it will be given _____ point(s) on the targeting matrix. 5
Priority I vessels will be scheduled for examination _____. prior to entering a U.S. Port
Who may assign a boarding priority for reasons not captured in the targeting matrix? OCMI
Optimal Conditions for storing oil samples are in an explosion-proof, lockable refrigerator at __-__°F. 40-42°F
1 on the General Segregation Table Away From
2 on the General Segregation Table Separated From
3 on the General Segregation Table Separated by a complete cargo hold from.
4 on the General Segregation Table Separated longitudinally by an intervening complete compartment or hold from
Which CFR cite requires that there be an appropriate number of translations of the operations manual when conducting a transfer? 33 CFR 154.300(a)(3)
If a vessel was subject to an intervention leading to a detention within the past 12 months, it will be given ___ point(s) on the targeting matrix. 5
What is the maximum ammount a NOV can be writen for? $10,000
ICS form 201 Incident Breifing (Map Sketch)
ICS form 202 Incident Objectives (first page of the Incident action plan)
ICS form 203 Organizational Assignement List
ICS form 204 Division/ Group Assignment list
ICS form 205 Incident Communications Plan
ICS form 206 Incident Medical Plan
ICS form 211 Check-In List
ICS form 215 Operational planning worksheet
ICS form 215a Incident Action Plan Safety Analysis
ICS form 221 Demobilization Checkout
Cargo Pump systems and gauges, cargo hoses and piping, and relief valve operations are required to be tested every ____ Months. 12
How much clearance shall be maintained around fire fighting appliances surrounded by cargo? 3 feet.
CFR cite for Maritime Security: General 33 CFR 101
CFR cite for Maritime security: Vessels 33 CFR 104
When did TWIC take effect? April 15, 2009
CFR cite for Maritime Security: Facilities 33 CFR 105
Who approves a Vessel Security Plan (VSP)? Marine Safety Center (MSC)
The FSO must ensure that at least 1 security drill is conducted every __ Months. 3
If a vessel is moored at a facility durring a schedueled drill, the facility ______ require the vessel to participate. A. Shall B. should C. May D. Cannot Can not
Facilities: Security excersizes must be performed at least once ________, with no more that ______ between excersizes. Each calander year, 18 months.
How long must the FSO keep security records? 2 years
How long is a DoS valid for? 90 Days in MARSEC level 1. 30 Days in MARSEC level 2
Who is required to have a DoS at marsec level 1? Facilities recieving a Cruise ship or a vessel carying certain Dangerous Cargo in bulk.
If the applicable load line is submerged or other indications of violation of the load line statutes are observed, the matter must immediately be reported to the _______ for investigation. OCMI
A Defeciency with a code of 17b must be rectified _________. Prior to departure from port.
NOVs not paid within 60 Days, The unit must trasnfer ownership and control to ______. MLCPAC
Each facility must remove oil from the small discharge containment within __________. One hour of completion of the transfer
On a horazontal plane 3 feet above the barge deck or walking surface, illumination must measure at least: 5.0 Foot candles at transfer connection points. 1.0 foot candles in transfer operations work areas
Lighting must be located or ___________ so as not to interfere with ________ on the ajacent waterways. [Sheilded] so as not to interfere with [Navigation].
This Person is required to have 48 Hours of experience in transfer operations at a facility. Person In Charge
The Person in charge of facility transfer operaitions must be designated by the facility operator and have at least __ hours of training. 48
The Qualified Individual Must: (1) Be located in the United States (2) Speak fluent english (3) Be familiar with the implimentation of the facility response plan (4) Be trained in the responsibilities of the QI under the response plan
Each hose or loading arm that is not connected for the transfer must be _______ durring the transfer of oil or hazardous material. Blanked off.
The Qualified Individual Must: (1) Be located in the United States (2) Speak fluent english (3) Be familiar with the implimentation of the facility response plan (4) Be trained in the responsibilities of the QI under the response plan
What hoses are not required to be blanked off? A new, unused hose, and a hose that has been cleaned and is gas free.
For small spills (<100 barrels), the spreading process is complete within how long of the release? The first hour
In general, the oil movement can be estimated as the vector sum of the_______, the ______, and ______. wind drift (using 3% of the wind speed), surface current, spreading and larger-scale turbu-lence (diffusion).
Winds affect the trajectory in three major ways: 1) oil weathering 2) surface effects on the water 3) direct transport
Strongest tidal currents are found in ______or through _________that connect large bodies of water. shallow-water areas, narrow channels
These are More exhaustive investigative efforts and are not generally required, unless the pollution incident is a part of a marine casualty as defined in 46CFR, Part 4 Informal investigations & Formal Investigaions.
What is the maximum quantity of oil spilled in which the OCMI/COTP may opt to issue a warning in lieu of civil penalty? Non-Commercial less than 50 Gallons. Commercial source less than 25 gallons.
What cite gives an Investigating Officer the authority to issue a Warning in lieu of Suspension and Revocation Proceedings? 46CFR5.105(e)
Define Direct evidence evidence which in itself (without need for inferences or reasoning) proves the source of the discharge or shows the path of the discharge, such as a sitness statement about the discharge, or pictures & video showing the path from the source to the water.
Whenever the COTP detains a vessel, how should unit taking that action notify the flag State? Notification should be in writing and never more than 24 hours of initiating the action. Submitting Forms A and B is an acceptable means of notifying the flag state.
When deficiencies merit detention, what are units directed to scan into MISLE? Form A and B (CG-5437)
For Detentions, The unit should deliver the report to CG-3PCV (Comandant) and appropriate commands in the chain of command as soon as possible, but no later than _____. 1630 EST/EDT on the next day following the detention
When an intervention leads to a detention, CG-3PCV will submit a report to IMO to fulfill the reporting procedures as required by various international instruments, normally conducted within how many days of the detention? 45-60
This law allows Coast Guard personnel to board any vessel in U.S. waters, including foreign-flag vessels, to enforce U.S. laws & regulations, to examine & search vessels, and, when necessary, arrest individuals in violation of those laws & regulations. 14 USC 89(a)
Any oil discharge that poses a substantial threat to public health or welfare of the United States or the environment or results in significant public concern shall be classified as a _____ discharge regardless of the quantitative measures. Major
Define Minor, Medium, and Major Discharge Minor= 1-10,000GAL Med = 10,000-100,000GAL Maj = 100,000GAL +
Define SONS severity, size, location, impact on the public health and welfare or the environment, or the necessary response effort, is so complex that it requires extraordinary coordination of fed, state, local, & responsible party resources to contain & clean up.
Pollution Incident Daily Resource Report CG-5136
If 25% or more of the crew has changed, a ship must conduct fire and abandoned ship drills within How many Hours? o 24 Hours o SOLAS III/19. 3.2
Every Inflatable Life raft, Inflatable Jacket, and Marine evacuation system shall be serviced how often? o At intervals not exceeding 12 months. o SOLAS III/20.8.1
How many rocket parachute flares shall be carried on or near the bridge? o 12 o SOLAS III/6.3
For the assistance of shore-side-fire-fighting personnel, a duplicate set of fire control plans should be stored where? o Outside the deckhouse in a prominently marked weather tight enclosure. o SOLAS II-2/
The Atlantic area is comprised of the First, Fifth, Seventh, Eighth, and ______ Coast Guard Districts? o Ninth o 33CFR3.04-1
What CG sectors are within the 14th district? o Sector Guam and Sector Honolulu o 33CFR3.70
What is on page 4 of an ICS-201 form? o Resources Summary
District Commanders and COTPs are delegated the authority to establish safety zones under what cite? o 33CFR160.5
What is the Supplement form for an IOPP for OIL Tankers? o Form B o MARPOL Annex I, Appendix II
What are the Parts of an Oil Record Book? o Part I – Machinery Space (MARPOL I/17) o Part II – Cargo/Ballast (MARPOL I/36)
What evidence is suggested, but not required to prosecute a Class I civil penalty? o Digital Photos o MSM V. B. 8
How long is an Interim International Ship Security Certificate valid for? 6 months o ISPS Code 19.4.4
Load Lines are assigned to a vessel after the ______ Survey. o Initial Survey o 46CFR42.09-15
What is an ICS form 215a? o Incident Action Plan Safety Analysis
91-100% Oil coverage in an area is called Continuous
51-90% Oil coverage Broken
11-50% Oil coverage Patchy
1*-10% Oil coverage Sporadic
Spring tide the very highest and very lowest tide
Neap tides the opposite of the spring tide: the tidal range between high and low water is smallest and occurs near the time of the first and last lunar quarters.
Load Lines: This line is a horizontal line 300MM (12 Inches) in length. It shall be marked amidships on each side of the ship. Deck Line
Load Lines: Diameter of the Ring 300MM (12 Inches)
Load Lines: length of the Horazontal line of the Plimsol Mark 450 MM (18 Inches)
Load Lines: Dimentions of lines extending foreward of the vertical line unless expressly provided otherwise. 230 MM (9 Inches)
What two load lines are marked abaft the verticle line? TF (Tropical Fresh, and F (fresh)
The verticle line is maked ______ inches foreward of the center of the plimsol mark. 540 MM (21 Inches)
On sailing ships, Only the ______ and ______ need be marked. Fresh Water and the Winter North atlantic.
If Timber freeboards are assigned, they shall extend _____, unless expressly provided otherwise. Abaft.
What is the size of a DOT hazard placard? 250 mm (9.84 Inches)
What is the size of a DOT hazard Label? 100 mm (3.9 inches)
Tank Vessel Containment: ONE HALF BARREL if it serves one or more hoses with a diameter of ___________. 2 inches or less
Tank Vessel Containment: ONE BARREL if it serves one or more hoses with a diameter of __________. More than 2 inches but less than 4 inches
Tank Vessel Containment: TWO BARRELS if it serves one or more hoses with a diameter of __________. 4 inches or more, but less than 6 inches.
Tank Vessel Containment: THREE BARRELS if it serves one or more hoses with a diameter of __________. 6 inches or more, but less than 12 inches.
Tank Vessel Containment: FOUR BARRELS if it serves one or more hoses with an inside diameter of ________. 12 inches or more.
ICS form 207 Incident Organization Chart
ICS form 208 Site Safety and Health Plan
ICS form 209 Incident Status Summary
ICS form 210 Status Change Card
ICS form 213 General Message
ICS form 213-RR Resource Request
ICS form 219 Resource Status (T-Card)
ICS form 234 Work Analysis Matrix
ICS: Located between branches, these are composed of resources assembled to perform a special fuction not necessarily within a sigle geographic division. Group
ICS: Organization level used to divide an incident into geographic areas of operation. Division
Facility Small discharge containment: TWO BARRELS if it serves one or more hoses with an inside diameter of ________. 6 inches or smaller
Facility small discharge containment: THREE BARRELS if it serves one or more hoses with an inside diameter of _______. more than 6 inches, but less than 12 inches
Facility small discharge containment: FOUR BARRELS if it serves one or more hoses with an inside diameter of ________. 12 inches or larger.
Oil tankers and offshore oil barges: Coamings must be at least ______ except in the aft corners. 4 inches high.
Oil tankers and offshore oil barges: In the aft corners, coamings must be at least _____ high. 8 inches high.
Define TLV-TWA Time-Weighted Average: The consentration for a conventional 8-hour workday and 40 hour workweek, to which it is believed that nearly all workers may be repeatedly exposed for a lifetime without adverse effects.
Define TLV-STEL a 15 min exposure that should not be exceded at any time durring the workday. Exposures above the TLV-TWA up to the TLV_STEL should be less than 15 min, no more than 4 times per day, with at least 60 min between successive exposures.
Define TLV-C Ceiling: The concentration that should not be exceded during any part of the working exposure.
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