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Math Unit_9

Area, Volume, Capacity, and Coordinates Vocabulary

Area The amount of surface inside a closed boundary. Area is measured in square units, such a square inches (in2) or square centimeters (cm2).
Axis Either of two number lines that intersect to form a coordinate grid.
Capacity The amount a container can hold. The same as volume. Capacity is usually measured in units such as gallons, pints, cups, fluid ounces, liters, and milliliters.
Coordinate A number used to locate a point on a number line, or one of the two numbers used to locate a point on a coordinate grid.
Coordinate Grid A device for locating points in a plane using ordered number pairs, or coordinates. A rectangular coordinate grid is formed by two number lines that intersect at their zero points and form right angles.
Formula A general rule for finding the value of something. A formula is usually an equation with quantities represented by letter variables. For example the formula for the area of a rectangle may be written as A = l * w, where A represents the area of the rect
Latitude A measure, in degrees, that tells how far north or south of the equator a place is.
Longitude A measure, in degrees, that tells how far east or west of the prime meridian a place is.
Ordered number pair (ordered pair) Two numbers that are used to locate a point on a coordinate grid. The first number gives the position along the horizontal axis, and the second number gives the position along the vertical axis. Ordered pairs are usually written inside parentheses: (5, 3)
Perpendicular Two lines or two planes that intersect at right angles. Lines, rays, line segments, or planes that cross or meet at right angles are perpendicular. The symbol ^ means “is perpendicular to.”
Rectangle method A method for finding area in which rectangles are drawn around a figure or parts of a figure. The rectangles form regions with boundaries that are rectangles.
Transformation Something done to a geometric figure that produces a new figure. The most common transformations are translations (slides), reflections (flips), and rotations (turns).
Volume The amount of space occupied by a 3-dimensional shape. Same as capacity. The amount a container can hold. Volume is usually measured in cubic units, such as cubic centimeters (cm3), cubic inches (in3), or cubic feet (ft3).
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