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Vocabulary English

Bristol sucks at this so we need to study

Encounter A meeting
Ecrentric odd
Animosity Strong dislike
Antagonist An enemy
Amoral Lacking ethical principles
Amiable Good Natured
Absole To clear of guilt
Adamant Firm
Epitome a perfect model
Malign To speak ill of
Curt Abrupt
Demoralize To discourage
Dilemma Hard Choice
Incilination Tendecy
Irate furious
retort reply
Sabotage Harm
Subsequent Following
Wary Careful
zeal passion
deterrent prevetion
implication suggested
inequlity injustice
infirmity disibility
infringe ineffere
innovation something new
revitalize refresh
sparse thin
subjective one sided
succinct brief and clear
allusion reference
altruistic unslefish
appease calm
arbitrary impulsive
assail attack
banel unoriginal
euphemism doesn't offend
mercenary greedy
syndrome symptoms
taint to damage
acclaim praise
adjacent close
elict to bring out
engross to hold the interest of
escalate expand
exploit take advantage of
methodical orderly
obsolete extinct
tangible solid
terminate end
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