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Gr 5 Math Brain

5th Grade Math Brain Game Vocabulary Review

To reduce a fraction is to put it in what? Simplest Form
Another word for equal fractions is what? Equivalent Fractions
When adding or subtracting decimals, what do you do with the decimals? Line them up
When multiplying decimals what do you do with the decimals? Count the spaces that are right of the decimal
When dividing decimals what do you do with the decimal? Bring it straight up
When given a set of numbers you find this when you subtract the smallest number from the largest. Range
To find the average is to also find the what? Mean
The number that occurs most often in a set of numbers is the what? Mode
What is the name of a fraction whose numerator is larger than the denominator? Improper Fraction
What is the name of the number above the fraction bar? Numerator
What is the name of the number below the fraction bar? Denominator
When multiplying a fraction by a whole number what do you do to the whole number? Put it over 1
What is the name of an angle that measures less than 90 degrees? Acute Angle
What is the name of an angle that measures greater than 90 degrees? Obtuse Angle
What is the name of an angle that measures 90 degrees? Right Angle
What is the name of an angle that measures 180 degrees? Straight Angle
What math tool do you use to measure the degrees in an angle? Protractor
A shape that has six sides is called what? Hexagon
A shape that has eight sides is called what? Octagon
This type of graph often shows changes over time Line Graph
On a stem and leaf plot digits in the ones place are known as the what? Leaves
An exact location in space is known as what? Point
Part of a line that has one endpoint and extends endlessly in one directions is what? Ray
Lines that meet at one point are known as what? Intersecting Lines
Lines that never cross are known as what? Parallel Lines
What is formed when two rays have the same endpoint? Angle
Angles are measured in what? Degrees
A shape that has three sides is called what? Triangle
What is a closed figure made up of three or more line segments called? Polygon
What is the name for a triangle that all the sides are the same length? Equilateral Triangle
What do you call a rectangle with all sides the same length? Square
What is the name for a quadrilateral with only one pair of parallel lines? Trapezoid
When two objects have exactly the same size and shape they are what? Congruent
A what moves a figure up, down, or over? Translation
A what produces a mirror image of a figure? Reflection
A what rotates a figure around a point? Rotation
Three feet equals how many inches? 36
Four quarts is equal to how many gallons? 1
One ton equals how many pounds? 2,000
A pentagon has how many sides? 5
Part of a line having two endpoints is called what? Line Segment
Two lines that intersect at right angles are known as what? Perpendicular Lines
Created by: ibancroft