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8.1 Actitudes racist

8.1 Actitudes racistas y xenófobas en la España de ayer y hoy

La actitud Attitude
El aguante Resilience
Amenazar To threaten
Arraigado Rooted
Arribar To arrive (normally on a boat)
Asediar To bother, pester
El ataque racista Racist attack
Atar To tie
Atreverse a To dare
Azotar To whip
Bautizar To baptise
Burlarse de To make fun of, to ridicule
El colectivo Group
El/la consejero/a Advisor
La Corona Crown
Criticar To criticise
La crueldad Cruelty
Dar el alto To stop
Dar luz verde a To give the go-ahead
Los derechos humanos Human rights
Desatar To trigger, to unleash
Desplegar (despliego) To unfold
Echar To throw out, to kick out
El edicto Edict, decree
Enriquecer To enrich
Espiar a To spy on
Estar (estoy) perjudicado por To be damaged, affected by
El estupor Astonishment
La expulsión Expulsion
El/la extremista Extremist
Fronterizo Borderline
La fusta Whip
Girar To turn
El golpe Blow
El grupo antirracista Anti-racism group
Herir a alguien To hurt someone
Hiero a alguien I hurt someone
Incitar a To encourage
Incumplir To fail to carry out, to renege on
Influenciar To influence
Injuriar To insult, to tarnish
La inquisición Inquisition
Inseguro Insecure
Invadir To invade
El juicio Trial
Legislar To legislate
Llevar a cabo To carry through, accomplish
La locura Madness
La lucha Fight
Maltratar To abuse, mistreat
Malvivir To scrape out a living
Manejar To manage, handle
Merecer (merezco) To deserve
Obedecer To obey
El odio Hate
Optar por To opt for
La pancarta Placard, banner
La pandilla Gang
La permanencia Stay
Perseguir To persecute
Persigo I persecute
El pincho Spike
Proponer To suggest, propose
Propongo I suggest, I propose
Puro Pure
El rechazo Rejection
El reino Kingdom
La resistencia Resistence
Solicitar To request
La sospecha Suspicion
La sublevación Mutiny, uprising
Tentación Temptation
Torturar To torture
El trámite Process, procedure
El velo Veil
Vergonzoso Shameful
Vilipendiar To vilify, to disrespect
Vilmente Vilely, viciously
Xenófobo Xenophobic
Created by: Inmaculada072
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