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Vocab Q4

vocab Words for Ms W quarter 4

Resolve N.- Determination Strong will
Salubrious adj.-Promoting health
Seditious adj.- Trying to stir up a revolt against an authority
Subjugate verb- To take over enslave
Slough verb- To discard; to cast off
Subtle adj.- hard to see or understand; elusive
Stealth noun- secretive behavior
Succor Noun- help; assistance; relief
Truculent adj.- aggressive; savage cruel
Viscous adj.- resistance to flow
Volatile Adj.- capable of evaporating exploding or changing moods very quickly
Wane Verb- To grow smaller
Wax Verb- To grow Larger
Adroit adj.- skillful in the use of hands
Assiduous Adj.- Persistent; hardworking; diligent
Clemency Noun- Mercy
Concur Verb- To agree
Cupidity Noun- Greed especially for money
Arcane Adj.- Secret ;Mysterious
Audacious adj.- Brazen; Brash; Nervy; Very bold
Coerce verb- to force someone by threatening or physically overpowering him or her
Complacent adj.- self satisfied; unconcerned
Contingent adj.- dependent on other circumstances; conditional
Dissonance noun- clashing sounds; lack of agreement
Duplicity noun- sneakiness; contradiction
Emaciated adj.- Extremely thin; wasted away
Equanimity noun- calmness; composure
Exonerate verb- to free from blame;exculpate
Germane adj.- relevant; fitting
Homogeneous adj.- same throughout; consistent; uniform
Incessant adj.- continuous; endless
Inscrutable adj. mysterious; arcane
Irascible adj.- easily angered
Lament verb or noun- to express sorrow; complain
Opportunist noun- some one who takes advantage of the situation
Preclude verb- to prevent from happening; to make impossible
Profuse adj.- in large quantity abundant: copious
Slander noun- Negative remarks about another person
Skeptic Noun- One who doesn't believe until shown proof
Solemn adj.- Serious; somber; grove
Tantamount adj.- equal comparable
Torpid adj.- Sluggish; dull; lacking
Temerity Noun- Foolhardy; disregard of danger
Vagary Noun- an unpredictable occurrence or action
Vehement adj.- Zealous; violent; marked by strong emotion
Venerate verb- to regard or treat with respect
Viable adj.- capable of living; vivid; real
Vociferous adj. Crying out noisily; clamorous; loud; boisterous
Waive verb- To voluntarily abandon a legal right of privilege; to relinquish; to postpone
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