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TAKS Review 19

Bob made 3/8 of his free throws. What percent did he make? 37.5%
.1 + .2 + .3 + .4 + .5 + .6 = 2.1
Able draws a map of his town. He uses a scale of 1-inch equals 4.6 miles. the distance from his house to school is 7.5 miles. What is the distance on the map between the house and the school? Round to the nearest hundredth. 1.63 inches
Write the first six terms of a sequence for 5.6n - 4.1 1.5, 7.1, 12.7, 18.3, 23.9, 29.5
Kari ran three races. She ran a 7-m race, a 4.25-m race, and a 3.4-m race. How many kilometers did she run? .01465 km
What is the area of a trapezoid that has a base of 4.6 cm, a second base of 4.2 cm, and a height of 4.7 cm? 20.68 sq cm
What is the circumference of a hula-hoop that has a diameter of 15.2 inches? 47.728 inches
Ms. Stoker sponsors a history club. The club has 22 members who are sixth graders, 8 members who are seventh graders, and 10 members who are eighth graders. What percent of the history club are sixth graders? 55%
Josh bought a dozen donuts for $3.75. How much did each donut cost? $.31
Put these numbers is order from largest to smallest: .25, 3/4, 1/8, .2356 3/4, .25, .2356, 1/8
Created by: chajek