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TAKS Review 11

Carly loses 8 out of the 32 badmitten games she plays. What fraction of the games does she NOT lose? 3/4
Write an expression which express circumference if the diameter is 9 centimeters. C = 9 or C = (9)
What rule can be used to find the nth term in this sequence: 4, 8, 12, 16,......... 4n
Does the rule n+1 divided by 4 work for the following sequence: No
one store has cans of tuna at 6 for $6.50 and another store has them on sale for $8.45. Which is the better buy? 8 pack
A circular table has a circumference of 9.42 feet. What is the area? 7.065 sq ft
Patty lost 62% of her doll's clothes. What fraction of the doll's clothes did she lose? 31/50
Write an equation for the following scenario: Michelle paid $16.50 for a purse and received $33.50 back in change. What is x, the amount of money she gave the cashier? x - 16.50 = 33.50
Abel ran a 1-kilometer race. When he was one-quarter of the way to the finish line, how many meters did he have left to run? 750 m
A rectangle has a perimeter of 36 inches and a length of 5 inches. What is the area? 65 sq in
Created by: chajek