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TAKS Review 10

A circular table has a circumference of 18.84 feet. What is the area? 28.26 sq ft
Write 0.384 as a fraction. 48/125
Al interviewed 60 students for a job in his office and he hired 15. What percent of the students did NOT get hires? 75%
A bag of 500 buttons cost $6.19. How much would a bag of 1175 buttons cost? $14.55
What is the third step in solving 15 + 18(115 - 5) divided by 3 ? Finding the product of 18 and 110
Larry collected 12 pounds of aluminum cans . How many ounces of aluminum cans did he collect? 192 ounces
Find the complement when <A = 12.8 degrees, <B = ? 77.2 degrees
Lori bought 12 ponytail holders for $4.50. The next day she bought three more for $.75 each. What was the mean cost? $.45
A rectangle measures 11 by 12 feet. What is the area in square yards? (Round to the nearest tenth) 14.7 square yards
A rectangle has a perimeter of 40 feet and a width of 10 feet. What is the area? 100 square feet
Created by: chajek