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Stack #38790

Name the 5 basic building blocks of geometry Points,Lines,Rays,Line Segments and Planes
True or false: A plane is a flat surface True
What are points on all the same line called Collinear Points
A line has a finite or infinte set of points? Infinite
A series of ___ is what makes up lines, line segments, rays and planes Points
What are points that are not on the same plane called? Noncoplanar
A ray is part of a ___ True
A point as no ___ or ___ Size or dimension
When did Euclid write "The Elements" ? 300 BC
A postulate is a statement that is accepted _____ proof. Without
You can refer to a plane as: Plane ABC, but the most common way to name a plane is with a single ___ letter Capital
line segments are named using ____ uppercase letters 2
There are two ways to name a line. Oneway is to name any ___ points on the line. 2
If you wanted to discuss ".A" with someone, you would say? Point A
True or false: A plane has no thickness or boundries. True
When you refer to a ray, what do you always name first? The Endpoint
A line extends in ____ directions 2
What has no size or dimension? A point
Who is considered the father of geometry? Euclid
Apostulate is a statement that is accepted without ___ Proof
A plane figure has how many dimensions? 2
Line segments are named with two _____ letters. Uppercase
A line segment is a part of a ____. Line
A ray has how many end points? One
When saying the name of the line, which of the two letters do you say first. Either
If two points are used to name a line, do you use upper or lower case letters Uppercase
There are ____ ways to name a line 2
A point indicates a definite Location
Points,lines,rays,line segments and planes are the: (complete the sentence) %5 basic building blocks of geometry.
The term "geometry" is derived from what 2 greek words? Geo - Metric
Created by: rhadley11