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An ______ is a compound that releases hydrogen ions, H+, in aqueous solutions. Acid
A ______ is a compound that produces hydroxide ions, OH-, in aqueous solutions. Base
______ is a chemical reaction in which the hydrogen ions from an acid combine with the hydroxide ions from a base to form water molecules. Neutralization
______ are neither acidic nor basic, that is, they have equal concentrations of H+ and OH- ions. Neutral solutions
______ is a number, usually between 0 and 14, that indicates the acidity of a solution. pH
______ is more acidic than "normal" rain and has a lower pH value. Acid rain
The term ______ includes wet forms such as rain, snow, fog, and cloud-like suspensions of microscopic water droplets often more acidic and damaging than acid rain. It also includes the "dry" forms of acids. Acid deposition
______, literally means "acids without water". Acid anhydrides
Iron coated with zinc is called ______. Galvanized iron
______ means that it readily absorbs water from the atmosphere and retains it. Hygroscopic
______ are compounds of nitrogen that are biologically active, chemically active, or active with light in our atmosphere. Reactive nitrogen
______ remove nitrogen from the air and convert it to ammonia. Nitrogen-fixing bacteria
______ is the process of converting ammonia in the soil to the nitrate ion. Nitrification
______ is the process of converting nitrates back to nitrogen gas. Denitrification
______ is a set of chemical pathways whereby nitrogen moves through the biosphere. Nitrogen cycle
The capacity of a lake or other body of water to resist a decrease in pH is called its ______. Acid-neutralizing capacity (ANC)
______ occurs when an area is overloaded with "nitrogen", that is, when the reactive forms of nitrogen entering an ecosystem exceed the system's capacity to absorb the nitrogen. Nitrogen saturation
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