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CDC 2A353-3

Volume 3. F-16/F-117 Aircraft Maintenance

The F-16's emergency power unit provides a self-contained backup source of aircraft electrical and hydraulic power
How long can the F-16's emergency power unit operate in the monopropellent mode? 10 minutes
The F-16's emergency power unit's operation in the bleed air mode is intended to be used for ground functional test
What is the main electrical component of the F-16's emergency power unit (EPU) system? Speed controller
All metal parts of the F-16's hydrazine fuel tank are constructed of stainless steel
At what pressure does the F-16's emergency power unit nitrogen valve regulate nitrogen pressure? 400 (+/- 20) pounds per square inch gage (psig.)
The F-16's emergency generator supplies power to the essential buses
The F-16's liquid oxygen fill valve is a combination fill, buildup, and what kind of valve? vent
The F-16's liquid oxygen fill valve is always in the BUILDUP position except when? During servicing
The F-16's liquid oxygen system heat exchanger is mounted under the right console in each cockpit
What serves as a central interface for the upper and lower oxygen supply hoses, vent hose, and emergency oxygen hose on F-16s modified with the pressure breathing for gravity system? Integrated terminal block
What indication does the F-16 pilot receive from the OXY FLOW indicator when oxygen is flowing within the system? Blinking
A path from the liquid oxygen probes to the quantity indicator on the F-16 is provided by coaxial cables
The F-16's OXY LOW warning light illuminates at a LOX quantity level of less than 0.5 liters
What system malfunction causes the F-16's liquid oxygen quantity indicator to rotate counterclockwise? Short-to-ground in the high voltage side of the circuit
On the f-16, the voids and clearances between the center conductor and the outer tube of the fire detection set sensing elements are filled with a temperature-sensitive salt mixture
The fire detection set sensing elements on the F-16 have an alarm temperature of 767*F
What symbol does the F-16 head-up display project when a fire condition is detected? WARN
How long does pure Halon flow to the fuel tanks before the F-16's fuel inerting shutoff valve (B) closes? 20 seconds
How many separate fluid chambers are in the F-16's hydraulic system A reservoir? Two
The fluid quantity gage on the F-16's hydraulic system A reservoir displays what quantity of measure? Percent of full fluid level
Which valve on the F-16 relieves excessive hydraulic pressure due to thermal expansion into system return? Reservoir service manifold relief
The delivery rating of one of the F-16 accessory drive gearbox-mounted hydraulic pumps is 42.5 GPM at 3100 psi
The F-16's hydraulic system A pressure filter manifold is located in the right MLG wheel well
What prevents fluid loss when the filter bowl and element are removed from the F-16's hydraulic system A pressure manifold? Internal shutoff valve
The F-16's flight control accumulators are piston-type
Which valve in the F-16's hydraulic system A ensures emergency power unit (EPU) pump flow is not supplied to the ground test stand if connected during EPU operation? Ground test manifold pressure check
Hydraulic fluid for operation of the F-16's speed brakes is supplied by hydraulic system A only
Which valves in the F-16's hydraulic system B prevent fluid flow from one jet fuel starter (JFS)/brake accumulator to the other? JFS pressure check
The F-16's jet fuel starter motor anticavitaion check valve prevents motor cavitation by directing flow to the motor inlet whenever return pressure exceeds inlet pressure
The F-16 jet fuel starter/brake integral externally-powered, manually-operated hydraulic pump draws hydraulic fluid from the B system return filter manifold
The hydraulic pressure transmitters on the F-16 aer located in the right and left main landing gear (MLG) wheel wells
The F-16's hydraulic pressure indicator consists of a direct-reading dial with graduations from 0 to 4000 psi
On the F-16, the hydraulic power required for normal operation during main landing gear retraction is supplied by hydraulic system B only
What F-16 landing gear component free falls into the extended position? Main landing gear (MLG)
Which F-16 main landing gear component houses the downlock mechanism? Drag brace
The F-16 main landing gear downlock mechanism holds the drag brace on center with an actuator spring
On each F-16 the main landing gear shock strut, the air valve faces outboard and teh uplock roller lugs face forward
The F-16 nose landing gear shock strut is connected to the aircraft by self-contained trunnion pins
What F-16 components control landing gear and door operations to prevent interence during extension and retraction? Sequence valves
How is the F-16 landing gear handle locked in the UP position? Mechanically
The F-16 landing gear selector valve is a two-position valve with a pneumatically operated bypass
The F-16's landing gear hydraulic isolation valve isolates the landing gear portion of hydraulic system B from the rest of the system to reduce hydraulic system combat vulnerability
What F-16 landing gear component prevents extend hydraulic pressure from reaching the nose landing gear (NLG) retract actuator until the NLG door is open? NLF mechanical sequence valve
Which components of the F-16's brake assembly are keyed on their outside diameters to the wheel? Rotating discs
The F-16's brake control unit receives electrical signals from the brake pedal position transducers and anti-skid system control unit
What warns the F-16 pilot of an anti-skid system failure? Caution light
Prebraking of the F-16's main wheels is provided to eliminate gyroscopic moments applied to the main landing gear during retraction
The F-16's solenoid-operated parking valve ports hydraulic pressure from system B or one brake accumulator to one set of brake pistons in each wheel brake assembly
The F-16's arresting hook is electrically controlled and pneumatically actuated
What F-16 arresting hook component provides a means of locking and releasing the arresting hook? Arresting hook uplock roller
What does the F-16's arresting hook caution light indicate? Arresting hook is not up and locked
The F-16's nosewheel steering subsystem provides turning capability for the aircraft while it is on the ground, allowing the aircraft to turn 32* left or right
Which component of the F-16's nosewheel steering system transforms the pilot's steering commands to electrical signals that drive the hydraulic linear actuator? Command potentiometer
Which component of the F-16's nosewheel steering system routes signals to the steering control box indicating the position of the hydraulic linear actuator? Feedback potentiometer
The F-16's hydraulic linear actuator receives hydraulic pressure from hydraulic system B only
All F-16 control surface actuators, the leading edge flap power drive unit, and the integrated servo actuators utilize power from hydraulic systems A and B
Which does not have quadruple-redundancy input signals into the F-16 flight control computer? Autopilot
Which F-16 flight control component contains microprocessor circuitry that provides a nonvolatile memory storage capability? Flight control computer
What provides the F-16's flight controls with artificial feel? Beams and coil springs within side-stick controller transducers
Which F-16 flight control system electronic malfunction lights remain on until the malfunction is cleared, regardless of the caution light reset action taken? P,R and Y
Which F-16 flight control component receives signals from the angle-of attack transmitters? Electronic component assembly
How many pressure sensors does the F-16 pneumatic sensor assembly contain? Eight
The F-16's flaperons extend as flaps when the aircraft is in the takeoff or landing configuration
The F-16;s aileron rudder interconnect gain is a variable function of Mach number and aircraft attitude
While the F-16 is in landing configuration, each speed-brake surface only opens to 43*
How many mechanical rotary actuators are located on each F-16 wing leading edge? Four
Upon landing, the F-16's leading edge flaps are automatically positioned to 2* up
THe internal fuel storage system on the F-16 consists of seven fuel tanks
Each of the external wing tanks on the F-16 holds 370 gallons of fuel
How many fuselage fuel tank drain valves are on the F-16? Seven
Which F-16 fuel tanks equally provide fuel to the engine on demand? Forward and aft reservoirs
Into which fuel tanks does the F-16 external centerline transfer fuel Left and right internal wing
What provides the refuel receptacle with an emergency disconnect feature during F-16 aerial refueling? Pressure relief valve
The fuel scavenge pumps on the F-16 move the residual fuel to the forward reservoir
The fuel scavenge pumps on the F-16 receive their power from fuel bled off the boost pumps
The F-16's fuel-flow proportioner is powered by hydraulic system A
At what pressure does the F-16 fuel-flow proportioner operate? 19 pounds per square inch (psi) minimum
A thermal valve in the F-16's fuel system heat exchanger outlet prevents the fuel temperature from exceeding 200*F
The vent and pressurization valve for the F-16's external fuel tank is located on the inside of the vent tank
Which F-16 fuel system valve provides a redundant means of allowing air into the vent tank, thus guarding against instances of negative pressure within the fuel tanks? Negative pressure relief
The ground air service connector for F-16 fuel tank pressurization is located in the right main landing gear wheel well
What provides a redundant means of relieving excess pressure should the F-16's fuel system internal vent and pressurization valve fail? Remote sensing relief valve
Which switch provides a way of testing the F-16's fuel temperature subsystem FUEL HOT test switch on the ground test panel
The dual pointer markers on the F-16's fuel quantity indicator are labeled FR and AL
On an F-16, flammable vapor air mixtures for JP-8 are possible at all temperatures above 100*F
On the F-16, areas that are normally adjacent to fuel tanks or fuel lines and have no means of air circulation even though they are drained are considered internal nonvented areas
On an F-16, which fuel leak conditions do not need immediate repair? Conditions 1 and 2
On the F-16, the F100-PW-220 engine compressor contains three stages of low-pressure compression and 10 stages of high-pressure compression
On the F-16, one benefit of the modular construction of the F100-PW-220 engine is the ease of removal and replacement of faulty engine sections
If the F-16's F100-PW-220's digital electronic engine control fails, engine control transfers to secondary mode of operation
After initial ignition, the main ignition spark on the F-16's F-100-PW-220 engine is suppressed by combustion chamber pressure
On the F-16, what is the position of the F110-GE-100's anti-ice valve when electrical power is removed? Open
On an F-16 with an F110-GE-100 engine, which condition causes the F-16's ENGINE warning light to illuminate? Engine revolutions per minute of 59 percent
The capacity of an F-16's oil tank with the F110-GE-100 engine is 30 gallons
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