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CDC 2A353-1

Volume 1. Aircraft Maintenance General Subjects

The estimated percent of accidents caused by nature is 2%
The safety training phase described as an effective tool that creates a lasting impression for new airmen is initial
The responsibility for initiating a lost tool report belongs to the person issued the tool
The lowest person authorized to clear a red X when a lost tool cannot be located is the maintenance superintendent
The optimum temperature to cool sealants mixed in an automatic mixing machine is 70*F
Temporary storage of hazardous materials at a central accumulation point cannot extend 90 days
Hazardous Waste Management System Rules are published by the EPA
Radiation hazards are affected by strength of emission, time of exposure, and weather
Normally, the safe distance behind an operating jet engine exhaust is 200 feet
The noise intensity of a jet engine is greatest toward the rear at 45* angle at either side
They symptom that is not a sign of noise fatigue is: -dizziness -emotional irritability -a feeling of emptiness -impairment of mental concentration a feeling of emptiness
A fire extinguisher's pressure is within a safe operating range when the gauge needle is within what color markings? Green
Aircraft oxygen servicing or draining is prohibited within how many feet of hangars or structures? 50
Individuals not directly involved in nitrogen servicing should be outside how many foot radius 20 foot radius
Under ideal conditions, an aircraft is said to be operationally ready when? the required inspection and servicing are complete
As fireguard, position yourself even with the nose of the aircraft and at a 45* angle outboard of the engine being started
The condition most likely to cause aircraft damage is sudden local storms
If no maximum wind velocity is specified in the aircraft technical order, the maximum wind velocity as prescribed by Air Force Occupational Safety and Health Standard 91-100, allowed during jacking is 15 mph
During desert operations, lubrication should be done only when necessary, and then sparingly
The F-2 lifting bag is designed to lift 24000 pounds to a maximum height of 6'
A major drawback of using pneumatic lifting bags is instability
The method of aircraft hoisting confined to emergencies when no other method is available is crane hoisting
The type of technical order library that does not need to maintain its currency is reference
In the second grouping of a TO number, the alpha character in parentheses means the modified aircraft mission
The total number of Air Force TO catalogs is one
The directional flow of the schematics in the troubleshooting manual is from the left side of the diagram to the right side of the diagram
Inspection workcards are known as abbreviated TO
Due to their potential for harm, commanders are required to ensure immediate action TCTO are distributed to all affected personnel within 4 hours after receipt
The type of TO improvement issued for all TCTO deficiencies is urgent
The nondirective publication that may cite forms and provide guidance on completing them, but can't enforce what's on the form is pamphlet
In order of increasing capability, the Air Force's varying degrees of maintenance capabilities are organizational, intermediate, or depot
The type of maintenance that ensures equipment is ready and available at the time of need is preventative
The most common excuse for taking short cuts is time restraints
The prime contributors to dropped objects are latches and fasteners
In most units, the responsibility for investigating dropped objects rests with quality assurance
The first step in developing an effective FOD prevention program is to identify all possible sources of FOD
The responsibility for FOD prevention belongs to everyone
The method that cannot be used to search for lost tools is lost particle
The information that the configuration management subsystem ensures is loaded properly into the maintenance information system database is select serially controlled and time change items
The IMDS is the production-oriented, automated maintenance management system at the unit level
The IMDS subsystem that provides information about jobs performed by maintenance activities is the Job Data Documentation
The GAS is normally sent out 90 days after graduation
A list of training courses available for an AFSC can be found in the CFETP, Park II
Tasks that a person is expected to perform in a duty position or WC but are not included in the CFETP, Part II, or AFJQS are listed on an AF Form 797, Job Qualification Standard Continuation/Command JQS
The first step taken when reviewing an Air Force Technical Order (AFTO) 244 is to match the ID number on the form with the ID number on the unit
The two maintenance stands on which C-1 maintenance stand can be installed as an extension are the B-1 and B-2
The maintenance stand that has an adjustable height of 13'-20' is the B-2
The maintenance stand that is a scissor-type is the B-4
The lifting of an aircraft jack is called a ram
The low- and high-pressure capabilities, in psig, of the NSU-L75 nitrogen servicing unit are 05-350; 350-3600
The usable pressure range, measured in psi, of the MC-1A air compressor is 0-3200 psi
The MC-2A air compressor is capable of delivering air at a maximum pressure, measured in psi, of 200
The maximum BTUs per hour output of the H-1 heater is 400,000
The new generation heater oil burner and combustion blower are powered by 60- Hz alternator
The temperature range the C-10 air conditioner is capable of delivering conditioned air at is 47*F to 200*F
The FL-1D floodlight consists of two 1000 watt lamp fixtures
The unit capable of providing AC and DC electrical power, in addition to pneumatic power, for ground maintenance is the A/M32A-60
The MK-3A-1 is driven by a electric motor
The MB-4 tractor incorporates four-wheel steering, four-wheel drive
Aluminum alloy washers are used with steel bolts on aluminum alloy parts in low-torque applications to prevent corrosion
Special bolts are identified by the bolt head marked with the letter S
The bolt used where heavy tension or lengthwise stress must be sustained is a hexhead
The number of thread that must be showing through a self-locking nut for maximum locking effect is at least two
Aircraft cable size is determined by its diameter
A 7 X 19 cable has 7 strands with 19 wires per stand
The correct way to detect broken wires on a cable is to pass a cloth along the length of cable
A push-pull rod end engagement is checked by inserting safety wire in the hole in the end of the terminal
A hose may bear a colored indicator stripe to show its direction of natural lay
When using 0.032-gage safety wire, there should be how many turns per inch? 7-12
When securing widely spaced bolts by the double-twist safetying method, the maximum number of bolts that may be wired in a series is three
When is it permissible to reuse cotter pins? Never
On a standard electrical connector, the key and keyway are located adjacent to the A or 1 pin
To tighten cannon plugs, do not use channel lock pliers
The number of positions on the function switch of the AN/PSM-37 multimeter is seven
To measure current flow, you connect an AN/PSM-37 multimeter in a series in the circuit
When the H symbol is shown on the Fluke multimeter display, the manual range mode is indicated
When measuring resistance on a Fluke multimeter, the letters OL indicate overload
Prior to using a torque wrench, cycle the torque wrench through the breakaway torque at the maximum setting at least six times
The responsibility for ensuring good supply discipline is practiced resides with supervisors at all levels
Shop stock should not normally exceed 90-days usage or the U/I or unit pack, whichever is greater
The expandability, recoverability, reparability code that designates a repair cycle asset is XF
Consumable items are identified by the expandability, recoverability, reparability code (ERRC) XB3
The DD Forms easily identified by their green margins and letters are the 1577-2, Unservicable (Reparable) Tag-Material, and 1577-3, Unservicable (Reparable) Label-Material
The deficiency report (DR) category that results in a work line stoppage is 1
Engines overhauled by depot are covered against defects in workmanship for 100 hours of operation or one year from the date of receipt
The Air Force Technical Order Form 781 must be removed from the forms binder after the event number is entered at the maintenance debreifing
The Air Force Technical Order Form 781K is used to document engine data
Responsibility for maintaining the Air Force Technical Order 781-series forms binder rests with the crew chief
The action necessary to clear an erroneous red X symbol is an authorized individual signs the INSPECTED BY block and initials over the symbol
The symbol entered on the forms if an aircraft exceeds the PDM cycle by 90 days and an extension is not granted is a red X
The inspection usually performed just prior to takeoff and that may include operational checks of some systems is the end-of-runway
The BPO is performed to determine if the aircraft is suitable for another flight
If an aircraft is idle for more than 30 or 90 days, the inspection required is calendar
The type of inspection that ensures the completeness of historical documents is acceptance
The AF IMT 2691 is used to account for aircraft-21 TO equipment
Corrosion or deterioration of a metal part continues until the part is exhausted or salvaged
Galvanic corrosion occurs when different metals are in contact with each other and an electrolyte
The frequency of cleaning an aircraft exterior depends, for the most part, on environmental conditions
The type of cleaners not very effective on grease, but excellent for interior lightly soiled areas, plastics, and instrument glass covers is detergent
The solution used to treat areas affected with electrolyte from a lead-acid battery is sodium bicarbonate
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