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German Worten

exerpt top 1000 used german words

gelohnt rewarded
erholsam restful
vorlesung lecture
jedoch however
bereit ready
sondern but
etwa about
allderdings certainly
wahrend during
kaum hardly, barely
angabe statement, declaration
angaben statements, information
gegenuber opposite, towards
ich bin dagegen I am against this
erhalten received, obtained
dezeit currently, at present
entwicklung development, progress
inzwischen meanwhile, since
eher rather, sooner
begeistert thrilled
ergriefen to seize, to grasp
damals back then, in the past
haufigkeit frequency
ergebnis result, conclusion, effect
knapp scarce, concisely, barely
erfolg success, achievement
erfolgreich successful, prosperous
bekannt famous, know, popular, established
daran on there, at it, on it (denk daran)
kunftig prospective, future
scheint shines, seems, (it seems to me- es scheint mir)
entscheidung decision, choice
unentschiedung tie, draw, undecided
rolle coil, roll, importance, role
stellt poses, represents, produces
namlich namely, because
eigene its own
ausserdem besides, moreover, furthermore
ebenso likewise, equally, alike
bereich area, range, scope, section, department
zum Bespeil for example
wahrend during, while, whilst
zuvor previously, prior, beforehand
erwartet expected, anticipated
fuhren to lead, guide, conduct
offenbar obviously, apparently, evidently
weiteren additionally, furthermore
kommenden next
kunden customers, clients
eben even, smooth, exactly, precisely
lage location, position, situation, condition
spannen to tense yourself
gespannt tense
angespannt strained, tense, tight
fuhrt leads
Vollig quite, entirely, completely, fully
Beispeilweise for example
bislang yet, to date, as of yet
erreicht achieved, reaches, attains
verfugung ordinance, decree, law, regulation, provision
jeweils always, each time
einigen to unite, to agree
umsatz sales, turnover
umsetzung assembly, implementation, conversion, transformation
kunst fake, man-made, art, skill, artistry
kunststuck trick
austricksen to trick
besteht consists, exists
bietet offers, bids
bieten to offer, to bid
beten to pray
ausserdem besides, additionally
seiten lateral, side, edges, pages
teil chapter, piece
buchstaben letters
erwahnt mentioned
titel title, caption, heading
daher therefore, hence, thus
lediglich merely, soley, only, simple
opfer sacrifice, victim, casualty
zuletzt last, finally, lastly, most recently
weiterhin furthermore, beyond
werk plant, work, factory,
mitglieder members
rahmen frame, ceiling, edge
berichtet refers, related, reports, told
gericht tribunal, court
wahl election, vote
obwohl although, whereas, despite
teilte divided, severed, apportioned
zudem moreover, besides, in addition
im einzelnen in particular, in detail
gemeinsam together, collectively
bedeutung meaning
ansicht opinion, notion, belief
bevolkerung population
abnehmende increasing
solchen such
bedingungen terms, conditions, requirements
einsatz commitment, effort, employment, assignment
ehemaligen former, ancient, one time
ausstellung exhibition, show, display
verfahren to proceed, to act, to move
im angebot in supply
in angebot on sale
tatsachlich actually, infact
durchaus quite, definitely, absolutely
amt office
staffel echelon
shutz protection, defense, guard
meist most
zufolge according
vergleich comparison
gleich equal, same, immediately, shortly
ob whether, if
verschiedenen several, various, different
aufgabe job, task, assignment, business
folge consequence, aftermath, continuance, episode
dennoch nevertheless, even so, however, yet, still
kaum hardly, barely, scarcely
entwickelt developed, evolved, develops, evolves,
gefahr hazard, peril, danger
per via (per anhalter fahren- to hitchhike)
zugleich together
fruheren earlier
streit argument, quarrel, dispute
verhandlungen negotiations, proceedings
forderte claims
meinung opinion, position
hinweis hint, advice, clue, evidence
aktuell current, up to date
waschbecken sink
sowohl both
wenige few
losung solution, answer
malerie painting
stuckarbeit plaster, moulding, stucco
hinaus out
zwar indeed, admittedly
verein society, association, club, union
sogennant so-called
unterstutzung support, backing, help
berichtet refers
aufgrund due to, owing to, by virtue of
heutigen present
anteil amount, share, stake, proportion
waren were
vorjahr year before, previous year
verlassen lonely, abandoned, derelict
buhne stage, platform, bandstand
insbesondere especially, notably, particularly
angeben to state, boast, indicate, specify, or declare
stets always, steadily, anvariably
entschienden decided
gesetz law, principle, statute
regel law, rule
jura law
angesichts considering, conforming, facing
gelten considered to be
fordert challenges, demands
rede speech, address, oration
hingegen whereas, however, in contrast
immerhin anyway, anyhow, after all, mind you
vorsitzende president, chairman
urteil judgement, verdict, sentence
betonte accented
gewalt violence, might, force, power, authority
gesamte total, all
indem while, as
ehemalige former
auftrag order, assignment, commission, mission
vertrag contract, agreement
gennant mentioned, started, called, named
haufig frequent
ubernehmen to take, borrow, absorb, or accept
ohnehin anyway
verwendet used, applied
behorden authorities
authoritaten authorities
folglen consequences, results, to follow, trail
bezeichnet labeled, specified, denoted
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