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chapter 20 worksheet

the_________energizes the molecules in Earth's atmosphere. sunlight
why is gravity impotant to Earth's atmosphere? without gravity gas molecules would fly off into outer space
what would happen to Earth's atmosphere without sun? the molucules would eventually cool and just end up as matter on the ground
like the ocean, Earth's atmosphere has a definite surface?....ture or false false
the density of the atmosphere________with altitude. decrease
how are the molecules that make up Earth's atmosphere like a huge pile of feathers? the feathers at the bottom are more squashed than the ones near the top
what is the density of gas in interplanetary space? a gas density of about one molecule per centimeter3 (mostly hydrogen)
what is the most plentiful element in the universe? hydrogen
which level where 99% of the atmosphere is found? 30 kilometer (or bout 19 miles)
compare the thickness of Earth's atmosphere to Earth's radius. the atmosphere is very thin and its about 30 kilometers in thinkness
describe how the temperature of the atmosphere changes with increasing altitude. temperature drops at first and then raise to a very high altitude
atmosphere pressure is caused by the ________ of air. weight
what is the mass of air in a room that has a volume of 50m3?the temperature of the room is 20c. 60kilograms
air doesn't weigh very much, no matter how much you have of it false
consider a 1-square-meter column of air that extends throught the atmosphere.a)what is the mass of the ait in the columns?b)what is the weight of the air in the columns?c)what pressure does the air in the cloumns pproduce A)10,000kilgramsB)100,000newtonsC)100,000pacal's
the average atmospheric pressure at sea level is? 101.3kilopacal's
name three things that can cause variations in atmospheric pressure. A)attitudeB)moving air currentsC)storms
measurement of changing_______is imporant to meteorologists in predicting weather. air pressure
what does a barometer measure? the pressure of the atmosphere
the tube of a mearcury barometer must be_______76cm greater than
under what conditions would the mercury in a barometer completely fill the tube? if the top of the tube is less than 76cm the dish then mercury will fill the tube
how would a barometer differ if water were used in the tube instead of mercury? the height of the tube would be greater than 10.3cm
the liquid in a baromter is pushed up by pressure? true or false? true
in an old-fashion pump, the armosphere pushes water from below into a pipe at the surface. ture or false true
an aneroid barometer is an instrument tha measures variations in atmospheric pressure without a_________ liquid
how does an aneroid varomter measure atmospheric pressure? used a small metal box tha is partically echaused of air, the box flexable lid that bends in or out as atmospheric pressure changes
an______is an aneroid barometer calibrated to determine elevation altimeter
the ____and the ______are greater inside tire an inflated tire than outside air pressure and air density
describe what causes the pressure wxweted by air inside an inflated tire moving air
if the density of air in a tire increases the air pressure increases. ture or false true
the rules for buoyancy hold for both________ and ________ gases and liquids
atmospheric pressure increases in a hurricane. true or false false
streamlines that are closer togerther indicate an____in fluids speed and an ______in the dluids internal pressure increases and decreases
Created by: brittanymowens
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