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Chem ch. 9

obtaining metals

A measure of the ease with which metal atoms release their valence electrons when they react activity
the alloying of a low-carbon steel with carbon underhigh pressure and temperature resulting in a hard surface with a tough interior. case hardening
the impure iron that is the product of a blast furnace; also called pig iron cast iron
the mixture of amterials put into a blast furnace charge
the combination of materials with oxygen; the process of burning combustion
the slow eating away of iron or steel structures due to spontaneius combination with oxygen; the process of rusting corrosion
a method by which the minerl is separated from the gangue in order to concentrate the mineral flotation
the material added to the charge to eliminate the gangue as slag flux
thae waste or nonmineral part of the ore gangue
a mineral-bearing rock from which metal is extracted ore
another name for cast iron pig iron
rapid cooling after heating quenching
the removal of oxygen from a metallic oxide reduction
the reddish-brown coating of iron oxide formed when iron or steel combines with oxygen. rust
calcium silicate, formed by the reaction of the gangue and the flux slag
an alloy of iron and carbon; other materials may be added to produce special properties steel
heatinging and then quenching of high carbon steel to obtain special properties tempering
aluminum oxide Al2O3 alumina
the copper that results from the futher reduction of copper matte; 98% pure Cu blister copper
An alloy of copper and tin bronze
the heating of carbonate to produce an oxide calcine
an impure copper that is the product of the reduction of copper oxide copper matte
the mineral that is melted and used as the solvent for alumina in the Hall process cryolite
a furnace that reflects the hot flames and gases from the furnace roof to the charge reverberatory furnace
the burning off of a sulfide ore to produce a metallic oxide roasting
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