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Sp 202 reflex or no?

acercar to bring near
acercarse to approach
acordar (o-ue) to agree (to)
acordarse (o-ue) to remember
acostar (o-ue) to put to bed
acostarse (o-ue) to go to bed
bañar to bathe (someone)
bañarse to bathe (oneself)
burlar to trick, deceive
burlarse (de) to make fun of
decidir to decide
decidirse (a) to make up one's mind
despedir (e-i, e-i) to discharge, fire
despedirse (de) (e-i, e-i) to say goodbye
despertar (e-ie) to awaken (someone)
despertarse (e-ie) to wake up
divertir (e-ie, e-i) to amuse
divertirse (e-ie, e-i) to have a good time
dormir (o-ue, o-u) to sleep
dormirse (o-ue, o-u) to fall asleep
enojar to anger (someone)
enojarse to get angry
fijar to fix, fasten
fijarse to notice
hacer to do, make
hacerse to become (with effort)
levantar to raise, lift
levantarse to get up
llamar to call
llamarse to be called, to be named
negar (e-ie) to deny
negarse (e-ie) to refuse
parecer to seem, appear
parecerse to resemble
poner to put, place
ponerse to put on (clothing)
ponerse a to begin to do something
ponerse + emotion to become (emotion) , often without effort
preocupar to preoccupy
preocuparse (de, por, con) to worry about
quitar to take away, remove
quitarse to take off (clothing)
sentar (e-ie) to seat (someone)
sentarse (e-ie) to sit down
vestir (e-i, e-i) to dress (someone)
vestirse (e-i, e-i) to get dressed
volver to return
volverse (o-ue) to turn around
volverse + emotion to suddenly change, sometimes with violence
atreverse (a) to dare
arrepentirse (de) to repent
jactarse (de) to boast
quejarse (de) to complain
darse cuenta (de) to realizes
comerse to eat it up all up
morirse (o-ue, o-u) to die
pagarse to pay up
Created by: mamos7
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