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Sp 1 U5Q3 Verbs

I ate comí
you ate comiste
I played a sport jugué
you played a sport jugaste
I began empecé
you began empezaste
I played in a band toqué
you played in a band tocaste
I visited visité
you visited visitaste
I worked trabajé
you worked trabajaste
I wrote escribí
you wrote escribiste
I decorated decoré
you decorated decoraste
I spoke hablé
you spoke hablaste
I looked for busqué
you looked for buscaste
I went fui
you went fuiste
I did hice
you did hiciste
I saw vi
you saw viste
I gave di
you gave diste
I rode a bike anduve
you rode a bike anduviste
I took a taxi tomé
you took a taxi tomaste
I took a nap dormí
you took a nap dormiste
I celebrated celebré
you celebrated celebraste
I arrived llegué
you arrived llegaste
I drank bebí
you drank bebiste
I practiced practiqué
you practiced practicaste
I tried probé
you tried probaste
I recommended recomendé
you recommended recomendaste
I spent time pasé
you spent time pasaste
I bought compré
you bought compraste
I left salí
you left saliste
I opened abrí
you opened abriste
I wore llevé
you wore llevaste
I danced bailé
you danced bailaste
Created by: user-1588764
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