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Review of TAKS OBJ

List all of the common factors of 30 and 24. 1, 2, 3, 6
In December of 2006, the population in the United States was about 300,000,000. How is this number written in words? Three hundred million
Put in order from least to greatest: 6.00, 6.101, 6.001, 6.011 6.00, 6.001, 6.011, 6.101
John made 4 out of 12 of his free throws. What fraction of his throws did he make? 1/3
Convert 1 1/2 to an improper fraction. 3/2
Use <, >, or = to describe the relationship between 3/4 and 15/20 3/4 = 15/20
Jose cleaned up 3/5 of his room. What decimal represents the fraction of his room that is now clean? .6
Jessica orders a smoothie for $1.75, a cookie for $.75, and a salad for $2.15. What was her total bill? $4.65
A tailor charges $31 for each suit alteration. If the tailor worked on 25 suits, how much did he earn? $775
In 12 years, Pete collected 420 marbles. If he collected the same number of marbles each year, how many marbles did he collect every year? 35
Created by: cwhitley