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Review of TAKS Obj.

In 2000, Texas had 20,851,820 people. Which digit is in the ten-millions place in 20,851,820? 2
Put in order from greatest to least 8.6, 8.34, 8.78, 8.45, 8.5 8.78, 8.6, 8.5, 8.45, 8.34
Joshua made 15 of the 20 shots he tried at his basketball game. What fraction of the shots did he make? 3/4
Convert 5/4 to a mixed number. 1 1/4
Use <, >, or = to describe the relationship between 1/2 and 3/16. 1/2 > 3/16
A game board board has 10 black squares and 15 white squares. What decimal represents the black squares of the board? .4
Dylan has 200 coins in his bag. He has 25 more coins than Brandon and 25 fewer coins than Robert. How many coins does Brandon have? 175
A cafe has 18 tables. Each table can seat 4 people. If every table is full, how many people are seated in the cafe at the same time? 72 people
The Brewer Drama Club put on a play and there were 564 people who attended. Each ticket cost $5. The auditorium was split into 4 equal sections. How many people sat in each section? 141
What are the common factors of 28 and 36? 1,2,4
Created by: cwhitley