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MAPS Math Vocabulary

MAPS RIT Scores 161 -180

combining two or more numbers add
a word, symbol or figure that represents a number numeral
A form of money that equals 100 cents dollar
part of a line starting at an endpoint and continuing forever in one direction ray
the result of adding two or more numbers together sum
the result of subtracting one number from another difference
when something comes in front of something else before
when something comes after one thing and before another between
to say numerals in order count
a number that is bigger than another greater than
a number that is smaller than another less than
a table where numbers are arranged in rows and columns number grid
a line on which numbers are listed in order number line
the largest or greatest number in a set of numbers maximum
the smallest number in a set of numbers minimum
a set of related facts linking opposite number sentences fact family
using numbers and symbols to model a number story number sentence
the set of counting numbers whole numbers
a coin that equals one cent penny
the first place value position ones
the second place value position tens
the third place value position hundreds
the fourth place value position thousands
an amount added to itself double
the base-10 block that equals 100 cubes flat
the base-10 block that equals 10 cubes long
a shape with a circular top and bottom and a curved face cylinder
any number that is added to another addend
the point where two lines meet corner
the same shape, but not the always the same size similar
exactly the same size and the same shape congruent
a parallelogram that has all right angles and sides that are equal in length to their opposite sides rectangle
Created by: Margaret Barton