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P&C Prop Policy Type

P&C Prop Policy Types Flash Cards

Commercial property coverage can be written with one of three causes of loss forms. What are they? Basic, Broad, and Special
What businesses qualify for coverage under a businessowners policy? Small to medium size businesses
A businessowners policy is mostly similar to what other insurance form? Homeowners
What type of property can be covered under Inland Marine insurance? Any type of property that is portable on land, as well as means of transportation and communication
What are some of the types of businesses that are excluded from coverage under a Businessowners policy? Auto sales and servicing, large banks, bars and grills, places of amusement, and manufacturers
What is mysterious disappearance? Misplacement or loss of property without knowledge as to the location, time and cause of the loss
How is the coverage usually written for HO-8 forms? For the market value of the property
What are the 2 types of Utility Services endorsements available in Businessowners policies? Utility Services – Direct Damage, and Utility Services – Time Element
How many owner-occupied residences per covered home are allowed by Homeowners policies? An HO policy may insure a property that has 1- to 4-family owner-occupied residences.
What HO form insures a tenant living in an apartment? HO-4 (tenant broad form)
Losses caused by vandalism and malicious mischief are excluded from coverage if a dwelling has been vacant for how many days? 60 days
What are additional coverages available in Homeowners policies without additional premiums? (name several) Debris removal, lawns/plants/shrubs, and trees, removal, reasonable repairs, and fire department service charge
Under Coverage C of an HO-3 policy, what is the amount of insurance provided for personal property? At least 50% of the Coverage A limit (this applies to all policies except for HO-4 and HO-6)
In dwelling policies, any volcanic activity will be considered part of one occurrence if it all happens within how many hours? 72 hours
What are the coverage parts that may be included in a Commercial Package Policy (CPP)? Commercial property, general liability, crime, equipment breakdown, auto, inland marine, and farm
What is the maximum number of units in residential dwellings insurable by a Dwelling policy? Up to 4 units
An insured with a Homeowners policy has removed property from the insured location to protect it from loss that could be caused by a covered peril. The removal coverage applies for how many days? 30 days
What do dwelling policies insure? Dwelling only, contents only, or both dwelling and contents
When will damage to the interior of the building be covered under the falling objects peril in the broad form of the dwelling policy? Only if the interior damage is a direct result of exterior damage from a falling object
What HO form covers a historic home with replacement cost more than the market value? HO-8 (modified homeowners)
What are some of the exclusions found in all 3 dwelling forms? Earth movement, water damage, power failure, neglect, war, nuclear hazard, intentional loss, freezing of plumbing, ordinance or law, and government action
Where can National Flood Insurance be issued? Only in participating, flood-prone areas
A businessowners policy is sold as a package. What does that mean? Coverage includes both property and liability
What type of property would be covered under the Builder’s Risk Coverage Form? The building, temporary structures, foundations, fixtures, equipment, and materials and supplies within 100 feet of the premises
What type of policy consists of the declarations, conditions, endorsements, and other attachments applicable to a single line of insurance? Monoline
If 3 volcanic eruptions happen within 48 hours, and each contributes to property damage, how many deductibles will apply in the dwelling policy? 1 deductible (all instances of volcanic eruptions that occur within a 72-hour period are considered 1 occurrence)
Replacement cost coverage is provided in both the broad and special form dwelling policies when the amount of insurance on the dwelling is what percentage? At least 80% of the replacement cost
Which dwelling form provides open peril coverage on the building? DP-3 (Special)
What Homeowners policy form is known as contents broad form? HO-4 contents broad form
What type of coverage is included in Homeowners policies, but is not available in Dwelling policies? Liability coverage
In Commercial Inland Marine policies, who transports the property of anyone who hires them? Common carriers
What are the 5 coverages of dwelling policies? Coverage A – Dwelling, Coverage B – Other structures, Coverage C – Personal property, Coverage D – Fair rental value, and Coverage E – Additional living expenses
What are the 3 types of coverage available in dwelling policies? Basic, broad, and special
What are the 2 liability coverages included in Homeowners policy forms? Coverage E – Personal Liability, and Coverage F – Medical Payments to Others
In order for forms HO-2, HO-3, and HO-5 to provide coverage, a dwelling must be insured for at least what percentage of replacement cost? 80%
What components make up a Commercial Policy? Policy cover; policy declarations; interlines endorsements; lines of insurance declaration pages; lines of insurance coverage forms; common policy conditions; lines of insurance conditions; causes of loss forms; and endorsements
In Commercial Package Policies (CPPs), who may cancel the policy in writing and make changes to the policy with the consent of the insurer? First-named insured
Which dwelling policy coverage will insure a garage not attached to the primary insured dwelling? Coverage B – Other Structures
What are some of the exclusions from coverage in all of the Homeowners forms? Land, structures used for business purposes, animals/birds/fish, aircraft, rented property, electronic data, and motor vehicles
What Homeowners policy form is known as a special form? HO-3 special form
Under Coverage C – Personal Property in the dwelling policy, when will a guest’s property be covered? Only when the property is at the insured location
In dwelling policies, what is the purpose of the automatic increase in insurance endorsement that increases the amount of insurance by an annual percentage? To offset the effects of inflation
What are the major coverages included in a Homeowners policy? Coverage A – Dwelling, Coverage B – Other Structures, Coverage C – Personal Property, and Coverage D – Loss of Use
What is the purpose of interline endorsements in Commercial Package Policies (CPPs)? They eliminate redundancy and minimize the number of other policy endorsements.
Which dwelling coverage form(s) will pay for the replacement cost of a dwelling? DP-2 (Broad) and DP-3 (Special)
What does form HO-5 cover? The dwelling and other structures, as well as contents and personal property
In general, what do Homeowners policies cover? Dwellings used primarily as private residences
When can an insured cancel a Businessowners policy? At any time by mailing a written notice of cancellation
An insured’s house becomes uninhabitable due to damage by a fire. As a result, the insured has to rent an apartment until repairs are made. Which type of coverage under the dwelling policy will pay for the expense of renting the apartment? Coverage E – Additional Living Expenses
When would theft of property of guests and residence employees be covered under the HO-8 form? Only while on the insured premises
What HO form covers condominium unit owners? HO-6 (condominium unit owners)
What is the purpose of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)? To fill the gap in flood coverage left by private insurers
Which dwelling form is called the Broad form? DP-2
What would be considered a single accident in Equipment Breakdown coverage? All accidents at a single location, at the same time, by the same cause
Under what conditions can broad theft coverage be added to a dwelling policy? If the insured is the owner-occupant of the dwelling
Why does the HO-4 form not provide dwelling coverage? HO-4 is written for a tenant residing in a rented dwelling; the tenant does not own the dwelling.
DP-3 (Special) is an open-peril form. What does that mean? All perils are insured unless specifically excluded.
How are the dwelling and other structures covered in an HO-3 policy form? On an open-peril basis
A basic dwelling policy automatically provides coverage against what? Fire, lightning, and internal explosion
When other insurance is written on the same basis as a Commercial Property policy, what is the insurer obligated to cover? A share of the loss
Assuming the insurer and the insured agree on the amount payable for a loss covered under a dwelling policy, how soon after receiving the proof of loss must the insurer pay the claim? 60 days
In dwelling policies, within how many years of a loss may an insured bring a lawsuit against the insurer? 2 years
What type of policy is a Businessowners policy? Prepackaged, stand-alone policy
According to the liberalization condition, if an insurer makes a change to broaden coverage in newly issued dwelling policies, how will that change affect policies already in force? The change will apply automatically.
Which dwelling policy coverage will provide protection for contents damaged by fire in an insured dwelling? Coverage C - Personal Property
Which of the 3 DP forms provides the most limited coverage? DP-1 (Basic)
What are extended covered perils on a basic Dwelling policy? Windstorm or hail, explosion, smoke, aircraft and vehicles, riot or civil commotion, volcanic eruption, and vandalism and malicious mischief
What is the name for policy endorsements that may apply to more than one coverage part? Interline endorsements
When a dwelling policy is cancelled for nonpayment of premium, the insurer must give notice within how many days of the cancellation? 10 days
What is the limit that the insurer will pay for all losses that occur during a policy period? Aggregate limit
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