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回答 to answer
哄堂大笑 the whole room roaring with laughter (idiom)
憤怒 angry
重複 to repeat
提問 to question
幾乎 nearly
肩膀 shoulder
材料 material
時候 time
四季 four seasons
腳步 footsteps
叮咚 ding dong; sound of bells
知了 sounds of cicada
世界 the world
歡笑 to laugh happily
呼呼 sounds of wind blowing
歡快 cheerful and lively
隨時 at any time
派上用場 to put to good use; to come in handy
to send
用場 use
使用 to use
年紀 age
行動不便 unable to move freely or difficult to get about
行動 to move
不便 inconvenient
不論 regardless of
橡皮 eraser
簡單 simple
專心 focus
to pare
必須 must
to knead
a section
尋找 to search
to tie; bind or fasten together
淘氣 naughty
固定 to fasten
ten thousand
a certain
瘦小 skinny
驚奇 to be surprised
搬家 moving (home)
講解 to explain
位置 location; position
穿梭 to travel back and forth
起勁 energetically
整理 to tidy up; to sort out
影響 effect; influence
Created by: taipakNCS
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