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Middle School HowTo

Math Middle School Review

How do you add/subtract fractions? Make Improper - Find Common Denominator - Add/subtract top numbers - Simplify
How do you multiply fractions? Make Improper - Multiply Across - Simplify
How do you divide fractions? Make Improper - Change division to multiplication and flip 2nd fraction - multiply straight across - Simplify
How do you multiply decimals? Multiply like normal - count decimal spots in each number - move decimal over number left the amount of the sum
How do you add/subtract decimals? Line up decimal places - add zeroes in empty spots - add/subtract like normal
How do you change % into a decimal? Divide by 100 or move decimal 2 spots left
How do you change decimal into %? Multiply by 100 or move decimal 2 spots right
How do you change % into a fraction? Put the % over 100 - move decimal of top and bottom if needed - simplify
How do you change a fraction into a decimal? Long division - Top divided by bottom
How do you find the percentage of change? Find the change by subtraction - divide by the original amount - convert into % form
What is the percent proportion? Part/Base = %/100
How do you solve proportions? Set up 2 fractions (make unknown on top) - multiply both sides by bot term - include units
How do you find percent given part and base? Divide part by base - change into % form
How do you find part given percent and base? Change % to decimal - multiply by base
How do you find base given part and percent? Divide part by percent and multiply by 100
How do you calculate taxes/discounts? Change % to decimal - multiply by cost - add/subtract to find total cost
How do you write a number in scientific notation? Move decimal between 1st two digits - count spots moved and that is exponent of the 10
How do you change a number from scientific notation? Move decimal amount of spots in the 10 exponent - add zeroes in blank spots
How do you find mean (average) of a data set? Add numbers and divide by how many there are
How do you find mode of a data set? Whichever number appears most often
How do you find range of a data set? Find difference between top and bottom terms
How do you find a unit rate? Write fraction with units - set it equal to fraction over 1 - divide to find top value
How do you find simple interest? I = Prt - P-money start with, r-rate as decimal, t-time in years
How do you find the probability of 1 event? Fraction where you put outcomes of success over total possible outcomes
How do you find the probability of multiple events? Multiply probability fractions of each individual event occuring
HOw do you multiply/divide negatives? Multiply/divide like normal - add sign where same signs make positive / different negative
How do you find area of a circle? Area = pi x radius squared = 3.14 x r x r
How do you find area of a rectangle? Area = length x width = l x w
How do you find area of a triangle? Area = 1/2 x base x height = 1/2 x b x h remember base and height are perpendicular
How do you find perimeter of a shape? Add the lengths of the sides together
How do you find distance around a circle (circumference)? C = pi x diameter = pi x 2 x radius
How do you find volume of a prism? V = area of base x depth = A x d
How do you find volume of a cone or pyramid? V = 1/3 x area of base x depth = 1/3 x A x d
How do you find Surface area of a shape? Add areas of each face together
Created by: phillipds