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MSB GovNFP Unit 11

NFP organizations which provide public health and welfare services for a minimal payment; largely funded through public donations. Voluntary Health and Welfare organizations (VHWO) or Human Service Organizations
Difference between total assets and total liabilities. Net Assets
Most investment income, revenues from services, and contributions with either no stipulated restrictions or restrictions having thus expired. Unrestricted Net Assets
Type of unrestricted net asset which is set aside by the governing board. Board Designated Net Assets
Contributions upon which limited restrictions apply. Temporarily Restricted Net Assets
Contibutions that restrict the use of principal but not that of investment income arising from such. Permanently Restricted Net Assets or Endowments
Transaction in which both parties receive contribution of like value. Exchange Transactions
Increases in unrestricted net assets arising from exchange transactions. Revenues
Increases in net assets arising from transactions largely beyond the control of management. Gains
Category of revenues arising from nonexchange transactions. Support
Transactions in which the doner receives no tangible benefits from their contributions. Nonexchange transactions
A nonexchange transaction made to an organization. May be cash, assets, or services. Contribution
Pledges to give assets to an organization; may be conditional or unconditional. Promises to Give
A pledge to give conditional upon the occurence of some future event. Conditional Promise to Give
A pledge to give which is to be met in the future. Unconditional Promise to Give
Noncash donations... Gifts in Kind
Works of art, antiquities, etc that are 1. held for public exhibition, research, or education 2.Preserved and unencumbered 3.Subject to organitional doctrine stipulating sales proceeds arising from the sale of such be used for replacement with like kind Collections
Interest in another entity due to closely tied financial proximities. Economic Interest
The option given to a pass through entity with regards to their option to redirect donated funds from the specified beneficiary to one financially interrelated to the same. Variance Power
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