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HG Select HG3

Endorsements for HG3

GMIL 4618 Oil, Gas or Injection Well Liab Excel
GMIL 4660 Mutual Conditions-- This endorsement notifies the insured of the date and time they can (as members) attend the annual meeting, and includes Grinnell Mutual's officer signatures.
GMIL 4670 Maximum Liability Limit with Multiple Policies-- This endorsement clarifies when Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company or a Grinnell Mutual Member provides multiple liability coverages to an insured
GMIL 4684 Statement of liability Insurance Carrier-- This endorsement clarifies that Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company is the liability carrier.
GMIL 4693 In Care of Insured Definition-- This endorsement clarifies that any individual to which policy correspondence is sent to, has no coverage under the policy unless they are specifically listed as either a Named Insured or Additional Insured.
GMIL 4722 Identity Theft Expenses Coverage-- Provides limited coverage for expenses incurred due to identity theft. The limit of liability is $15,000, in excess of the first $250, for expenses incurred by an insured.
GMIL 4791 Civil Union Endorsement-- This form amends any reference to a spouse by including a person who has entered into a civil union with the Named Insured.
GMIL 7001 Grinnell Privacy Notice-- To provide an explanation of where we get information about our insureds when we write their insurance policies and to whom we disclose that information.
GMIL 8107 Grinnell Important Notice-- On all policies
GMIL 8108 Grinnell Cyber Loss Exclusion- On all policies
GMIL 8109 Grinnell Communicable Disease Exclusion
GMIL 8110 Grinnell Important Notice (for GMIL 8109)- On all policies
GMIL 8111 Grinnell Important Notice (for GMIL 8108)- On all policies
HG 105 Other Structures Special Coverage-- This endorsement is designed to apply the coverage for other structures to the amount of dwelling when no other structures exist.
HG 3 This is a package policy that provides property and liability coverage, similar to ISO HO 3, for an owner-occupied town or city dwelling and, in some instances, a rural non-farm dwelling.
HG 351 Fungi and Bacteria- Coverage Limitation-- Limits property coverage to $5,000 (without fire following coverage) and liability coverage to $50,000, for loss caused by "fungi". (Limitation applies to loss caused by fire or lightning).
HG 372 Biological & Chemical Exclusion with Fire Exception-- Excludes coverage for loss to covered property arising out of Biological or Chemical pollution or contamination.
HG 463 Home Guard Amendatory--This endorsement amends the policy by revising, adding or clarifying specific policy language.
HG 464 Important Notice--This important notice advises the insured revisions made to the endorsement (HG 463).
HG 477 Mandatory 15 year ACV Roof Endorsement-- This endorsement replaces RC with ACV for loss caused by windstorm or hail to the roof surfacing of the dwelling and other structures on the premises when the age of the roof surfacing is 15 years or older.
HG 660145 Special Provisions- Iowa--This endorsement includes important changes that broaden, clarify, and/or limit coverage provided under the Home-Guard® forms and amends specific policy provisions to comply with state law
HG 89 Inflation Guard-- Coverage amounts are increased automatically on an annual basis by the percentage indicated. Payment of the continuation of premium will constitute the insured's acceptance of the revised limit of liability.
PL 1945 Personal Injury-- This endorsement is used to extend Coverage - Liability To Public to pay for damages for which an insured is legally liable because of personal injury. This coverage is subject to annual aggregate limit.
PMIA 107 Dwelling & Other Structures Service Coverage
PMIA 109 Electronic Data Processing Equipment
PMIA 110 Notice of Loss Limitation- On every policy
PMIA 111R Metal Surfacing Endorsement- On every policy
PMIA 306 Rebuilding Endorsement- On policies with a dwelling
PMIA 7001 Peoples Mutual Insurance Association's Privacy Notice- On every policy
RC 482 Windstorm or Hail Deductible 1,500
RC 483 Important Notice for RC 482
RC 125 Obsolescence, Diminished Value, Wear/Tear Limitation (Starting March 2023)
RC 138 Important Notice for RC 125 (Starting March 2023)
Created by: CasWil
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