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Rad Computer Science


Define computer. Any general purpose, stored-program electronic digital computer.
Define hardware. Parts of the computer you can touch.
Define software. Programs.
What does MODEM stand for? Modulator/Demodulator Digital-->Analog
RAM Random Access Memory
ROM Read Only Memory
RIS Radiology Info. System
HIS Hospital Info. System
PACS Picture Archiving and Communication System
DICOM Digital Imaging Communication
Bit Binary digit "0 or 1"
Byte Eight bits
Pixel Picture element
Modern day computers use ___ to store info. Silicon chips
The ___ is an example of computer input hardware. mouse
In computerized medical imaging equipment, such as CT scanners, the computers use ___ processing. real-time
T/F Computed radiography cassettes and film/screen cassettes can be used interchangeably with any x-ray imaging system. True
Computed radiography screens respond to radiation with ____. Photostimulable luminescence
A photostimulable phospher in a metastable state will emit light ... immediately, when stimulated by light, over time
The computed radiography cassette is called a(n).. imaging plate
The photostimulable phospher screen is handled in a .. reader
The computed radiography is made up of ... modules. mechanical, optical, computer
T/F The digital imaging plate can sit for some time after the erase cycle. False
CR and screen-film imaging both have a... latent image
T/F Spatial resolution, contrast resolution, noise, and artifacts are identical in screen-film imaging and CR. False
The principal source of noise in CR is... scatter radiation
With CR the contrast is... constant regardless of radiation exposure
The CR image has __ exposure latitude and __ contrast resolution. wide/improved
Flooding the erased imaging plated with bright light prevents ... Ghosting
In DR, the latent image is formed on the.. radiation detector
In DR, each matrix pixel represents... atomic number and mass density
In DR, the brightness of the image is determined by ... pixel values
In DR, spatial resolution is improved with increased... matrix size
The number of visible shades of gray in a digital image is determined by ... bit depth
The dynamic range determines the degree of __ in the image. contrast resolution
Spatial resolution is determined by the ratio of __ to __. field of view / matrix size
CR uses a ___ for latent image formation. Photostimulable phosphor
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