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Insurance Vocab 2

at-fault In an car accident, the person who caused the accident. He/she is liable for th damages.
peril The cause of damages to your property. Examples: lightning, windstorms, hurricanes.
co-pay In health insurance, the amount you owe each time you receive certain types of medical care.
beneficiary The person who is designated as the recipient of a life insurance payment.
catastrophic health insurance A type of health plan with low monthly premiums and a high deductible. Better for someone in good health.
Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plan Your insurer will pay a portion of your bill if you visit a doctor out of your network, but it's cheaper to stay in network. You don't need a referral to see another doctor.
Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Plan You have to see doctors and hospitals in the HMO network. A cheaper health plan but fewer choices.
liability Minimum auto insurance required in most states--covers only the other person, car, or property for damage, loss, or injury, not your car or person.
collision Coverage that pays for damages to your vehicle after a collision either with another car or an object.
comprehensive Called OTC (other than collision), adds protection against things like hail, fire, vandalism and more.
uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage Can cover your damage or injury if you're hit by an insured or underinsured driver.
personal injury protection “No-fault insurance,” covers the healthcare expenses associated with a car accident. PIP covers medical expenses for both injured policyholders and passengers, even if some don’t have health insurance.
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