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Prefix,Suffix, RW

High School prefixes, root words, suffixes

ante before
counter against, opposite
dys bad, abnormal, difficult, impaired, unfavorable
hyper over, above
inter between, among
intra/intro into, within, inward
micro small
pseudo not genuine, fake
trans across, beyond, change
anthrop man
belli war
brev short
cred believe
culpa blame
derm skin, covering
duc/duct to lead, pull
ego self
fac do, make
jud/jur/jus law
luc/lum light
mega great
ocu eye
ortho straight, correct
poly many
rect straighten
the/theo God, a god
urb city
vac empty
vir man (male person)
hood state, quality, condition
ic quality, relation
ify/if cause
logy word, study, say, speech, reason
ure act, condition, process, function
Created by: mralls