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math test 3

Plurality only look at the first place votes the one with the most wins.
top two runoff only look at first place votes if someone has majority, they win. If not take the top two and put them against each other.
ranked choice look at the first place votes only, if someone has majority they win. If not, move to round two and remove the person with the least amount of votes then look at first place votes again if someone still doesn't have majority repeat this process.
survivor system round one, eliminate the person with the most bottom rankings. repeat this until one candidate is left.
condorcet winner If one-to-one elections are held, this candidate wins against all others.
condorcet loser IF one-to-one elections are held, this candidate will lose against all others.
borda count each ranking is assigned points with the highest getting the most points and the lowest getting none. Candidate with the most points wins.
pairing with sequential agenda given an agenda the first two are paired and the winner moves forward and goes against the next person in the agenda.
monotone electoral system if a new election is held and a voter now ranks the original winner higher on the voters' ballot then the original winner should be the winner of the new election.
condorcet winner criterion (CWC) The winner of the election is the same as the condorcet winner.
Pareto condition (unanimity condition) if everyone prefers one candidate to another then the latter candidate should not be the winner.
Independence of Irrelevant Alternatives If a new election were held it is impossible for a non-winner of the original election to become a winner of the new election unless at least one new voter reverses the order in which the non-winner and winner were ranked.
Alabama paradox a state loses a seat as a result of an increase in the house size
Population paradox a state's population increases and its apportionment decreases while another state's population decreases (or increases proportionally less) and its apportionment.
quota condition each state's apportionment is equal to either its lower quota or its upper quota.
Lower quota Hamilton and Jefferson Method
Round to the nearest whole number Webster
Use the geometric mean to round Hill-Huntington Method
Created by: chloemcmillin
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