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German Drills Vocab

Vocabulary from German Verb Drills book

ändern to change
antworten to answer
arbeiten to work
atmen to breathe
baden to bathe, swim
beginnen to begin
besuchen to visit
beten to pray
bewegen to move
bezahlen to pay
blühen to bloom
brauchen to need
danken to thank
decken to cover
dienen to serve
drehen to turn
erklären to explain
erwarten to expect
erzählen to tell
feiern to celebrate
fragen to ask
führen to lead
gehen to go
gehorchen to obey
glauben to believe
hämmern to hammer
hängen to hang
heissen to be called, to be named
hoffen to hope
hören to hear
kaufen to buy
klingeln to ring a bell
klopfen to knock
kommen to come
kosten to cost
lächeln to smile
lachen to laugh
leben to live
lieben to love
machen to make, to do
pflanzen to plant
probieren to try
prüfen to test
rauchen to smoke
reden to talk
reisen to travel
sagen to say
schauen to look
schicken to send
schütteln to shake
sitzen to sit
spielen to play
steuern to steer
suchen to search, to look for
tanzen to dance
warten to wait
weinen to cry
wiederholen to repeat
wispern to whisper
wohnen to live, to reside
wünschen to wish
zahlen to pay
zählen to count
zeigen to show, point
brechen to break
essen to eat
helfen to help
messen to measure
nehmen to take
sprechen to speak
stechen to poke
sterben to die
treffen to meet
verbergen to hide
vergessen to forget
werfen to throw
befehlen to command, order
empfehlen to recommend
geschehen to happen
sehen to see
stehlen to steal
fallen to fall
backen to bake
empfangen to receive
fahren to go by vehicle (to drive)
fangen to catch
halten to hold
lassen to let
laufen to run
raten to guess
saufen to drink (animals)
schlafen to sleep
tragen to carry
wachsen to grow
waschen to wash
Created by: hschulze
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