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P6 書寫詞第一學段


募捐 to solicit contributions; to collect donations
忘懷 to forget
夥伴 partner; companion; comrade
彬彬有禮 refined and courteous; urbane
狼狽 in a difficult situation
形形色色 all kinds of; all sorts of
鞠躬 to bow
救濟 to help the needy with cash or goods
殘障 handicapped
踴躍 eager; enthusiastically
莊嚴 solemn
微不足道 insignificant
金燦燦 golden-bright and dazzling
捨棄 to give up; to abandon; to abort
沉甸甸 heavy
規矩 lit. compass and set square; fig. established standard rule; customs; practices; fig. upright and honest well-behaved
盡頭 end; extremity; limit
錯過 to miss
恍然大悟 to suddenly realize; to suddenly see the light
漫長 very long
惟一 only / sole
良機 a golden opportunity
奉獻 to sacrifice
璀璨 bright; resplendent
品格 one's character
慈善 benevolent; charitable
興辦 to establish (a factory
豐盛 rich; sumptuous
人心惶惶 everyone is anxious
感染 to infect; to influence
富裕 prosperous; well-to-do; well-off
勉勵 to encourage
經營 to run; to operate
積蓄 to save; to put aside; savings
傳遞 to pass on to sb else
山河 mountains and rivers; the whole country
to splash
烽火 fire beacon (to give alarm)
to scratch
依舊 as before
時勢 current situation / circumstances / current trend
驚惶 current situation / circumstances / current trend
接待 to receive (a visitor) / to admit (allow sb to enter)
委派 to delegate
趾高氣揚 high and might-idiom; arrogant
神色自若 at ease; looking calm and composed
故意 on purpose
昂首闊步 striding forward with head high - idiom; to strut
傲慢 arrogant
嚴肅 solemn; serious
假裝 to pretend
若無其事 as if nothing had happened-idiom; calmly nonchalantly
偷竊 to steal
洋洋得意 immensely pleased with oneself (idiom) / proud / complacent
面不改色 remainig calm
自討沒趣 use it when one tries to impress others but ended up embarrassing oneself
Created by: taipakNCS
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