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affixes and roots

suffixes prefixes and roots

in- into inject
re- do over, again, undo reread, remove,
dis- negative, reverse disgust, discount, disappear
mono- uni- one monoply, uniform, unicycle
bi- two bilingual
mis- wrongly misfire, misfortune,misguided
ttri- three triangle
quad- four quadruplets
pent- five pentagon
semi-,demi-,hemi- half semicircle
auto- self auto biography
ab- away from abnormal
dura- hard, lasting durable, duration
poly- many polygon, polyester
pre- before preceed, preview
pro- in favor of promote
anti- against antisocial
ante- before, first antecedent
philo- love of something philosophly
sub- under submarine, submerge
trans- carry, across transportation
inter- between intervene interrupt
de- opposite defrost, decompose
glot,gloss tongue polyglot glossary
dict to say something dictionary,predict
bio life or living things bilogy, bioraphy
ortho to straighten orthodontist, ORTHOPEDIC
ped, pod foot pedicure, tripod
script to write manuscript, scripture
morphus to form or to shape metamorphisis
thermo heat thermos, thermal
audio hearing audiology, audiophile
spec, spect to see, to look inspect, spectator
derm skin dermatologist
path feel, feelings sympathy,empathy,preston is pathetic
soph wisdom, knowlege sophisticated, philosophly
frag,frac,rupt to break fragile, fraction, rupture
cian possessing a specific skill physician, magician
port to carry, harbor or an entratnce transportation
urb city urban, suburb
graph, gram to write, written autograph, graphic, photograph
sent,sens feel,feeling sensitive resent sensation
cred to believe incredible, credulous
phon sound telephone, phonics,symphony
ject to throw reject
vid,vis to view visual superisive evident
tele far off or away telescope, telephone
-er -eer -or a persone teacher engineer
-ence -ance- ent the condition of presence siginifacance
-ate -ize turns nouns or adjectuves into verbs pasturize criticize
-ion turns verbs int o nouns produce-production
-ness turns adjectives into nouns` happy, happiness, satisfy
-ism a belief favortism
-ist make an object inot a person machine becomes machinist
-ary -ery -or y connecting or reffering to a person plave or thing dictionary,bravery, dormitory
-logy a field of study in science biology
-an, -ian, -ant -ent refers to places or people american, asian,student
-ship a state of something or skill sponsorship
-ous -ious -ful full of joyful envious
-able -ible can be done capable,edible, agreeable
in- im- il- ir- um- not inapporate
Created by: eskimopie26
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