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Per Fi Ch. 8

Fundamentals of Investing

emergency fund money that you can access quickly for an immediate need
speculative investment a high-risk investment made in the hope of earning a relatively large profit in a short time
retained earnings profits that are reinvested
investment liquidity the ability to buy or sell an investment quickly without substantially affecting its value
equity capital money that a business gets from its oners in order to operate
dividends distributions of money, stock, or other property that a corporation sometimes pays to stockholders
common stock stock that provides the most basic form of corporate ownership and it tentitles you to voting privileges
preferred stock stock that gives the owner teh advantage of receiving cash dividends before common stockholders receive any
corporate bond a corporation's written pledge to repay a specified amount of money, along with interest
government bond the written pledge of a government or municipality to repay a specified sum of oney with interest
mutual fund an investment alternative in which investors pool their money to buy stocks, bonds, and other securities based ont eh selections of professional managers who work for an investment company
diversification the process of spreading your assets among several different types of investments to lessen risk
financial planner a specialist who is trained to offer specific financial help and advice
tax-exempt income income that is not taxed
tax-deferred income income that will be taxed at alater date
capital gain the profit from the sale of an asset such stocks, bonds, or real estate
capital loss the sale of investment for less than its purchase price
Created by: Mrs. Sutherland
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