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contrite regretful, penitent; seeking forgiveness; apologetic
convention a generally agreed-upon practice or attitude; custom
corrigible capable of being set right; correctable; reformable
cosset to coddle; pamper
countenance to approve of or tolerate; sanction
cozen to deceive, beguile, or hoodwink; mislead
craven contemptibly fainthearted; lacking any courage; cowardly
credulous tending to believe too readily; gullible
crestfallen dejected; disappointed; discouraged
curmudgeon an irritable, ill-tempered person; complainer
cursory hasty; done with little attention; hurried
cynicism an attitude or quality of belief that all people are motivated by selfishness; distrust, pessimism
daunt to cow or dismay; discourage
dearth smallness of quantity or number; scarcity; a lack; deficiency
debacle rout; fiasco; complete failure; breakdown
decorous correct; formal; marked by decorum; proper
decorum polite or appropriate conduct or behavior; propriety
demur to question or oppose; object
denigrate to belittle; to defame; disparage
denizen inhabitant; one who frequents a place; resident
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