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T3ny's Stack

Unit:2 Vocabulary

Acute Angle - an angle whose measure is greater than 0 but less than 90 degrees
Congruent angles - two angles where one is the image of the other under a reflection or composite of reflections; written AB
Coplanar - within the same plane
Midpoint - the point M of where AM = AB
Perpendicular Lines - 2 segments, rays, or lines that form a 90 degree angle
Ray - a one-dimensional figure that consists of one endpoint A, one point B, all of the points on , and all points for which B is between them and A; written
Space - the set of all possible points; made up of infinite planes
Angle - the union of 2 rays that have the same endpoint; measured in degrees or radians (trig.); the five types of angles are zero, acute, right, obtuse, and straight
Congruent segments •Congruent Segments have the same length.
counter-example -a situation in a conditional for which the antecedent is true, but the conditional is false; aka contradiction
obtuse angle - an angle whose measure is greater than 90 but less than 180 degrees; see acute angle
plane - a two-dimensional group of points that goes on infinitely in all directions; made up of infinite lines
right angle -measures 90 degrees
angle bisector An angle bisector is a ray that cuts the angle exactly in half, making two equal angles.
conjecture is believed to be true but not yet proved.
inductive reasoning is the process of arriving at a conclusion based on a set of observations.
opposite rays - two rays with a common endpoint that form a line
point - a zero-dimensional figure; while usually left undefined
segment the set of points consisting of two distinct points and all inbetween them; written
collinear - in the same line
coordinate - a number that identifies (or helps to identify) a point on a number line (or on a plane, or in space)
line - a two-dimensional object that has no endpoints
parallel lines Two lines in the same plane which never intersect are called parallel lines
postulate - a statement assumed to be true without proof
skew line - non-coplanar lines that don't intersect
Created by: paz_y_amor